The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13 Recap: Morgan Becomes a Killer

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If you were looking for some raw emotion after several weeks of filler drama, you probably did not expect the events that transpired on The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you will already know it was only a matter of time before Ezekiel changed his stance on the Saviors and everything boiled over on the latest episode. 

Morgan Is Ready to Kill

When the episode got underway, the King and his men were on their way to delivering some goods to the scary looking people they have been dealing with all season long. The group was presented with a string of shocks along the way. 

For a start, their route was blocked off due to a shopping cart blockade. Ominously, there was a grave already dug with "Bury Me Here" plastered across a sign.  

When the group finally got to the meeting point, it became apparent there was going to be some trouble brewing. Part of this was down to the fact that one of the melons were missing. 

The unnamed dude decided that it was time to commit some murder over some missing melons. This resulted in Ben being shot. 

The group took the teenager to Carol's house because they knew she was the best person to try to save him, but it was too late. 

Carol Is Ready for War

He bled out on her kitchen table, and it resulted in some of the most emotionally charged scenes of the season. 

The death destroyed Morgan, who immediately thought about the death of his wife and son. After lashing out, he found the missing melon and realized Richard was the perpetrator. 

It all made sense: Richard wanted to join the fight against the Saviors weeks ago, so turning Ezekiel against the evil guys was a good move to start that war. 

Morgan went straight to Richard, who was quick to point out that he volunteered himself for the kill. 

“Someone had to die. I tried to be the one,” Richard revealed. Yeah, be careful what you wish for, Richie. 

When the group returned to the Saviors with the missing melon, Morgan shocked everyone by strangling Richard to death. It was gruesome and shocking, but it successfully raised the stakes. 

It also helped Morgan change his stance on the whole killing thing. He was now a cold-blooded killer. 

“I wanted to show you that we get it,” Morgan claimed, as he revealed the shocking depths of Richard's deceit.

The Saviors were taken aback, but happy. It put them in a false sense of security as the group decided how best to proceed. 

After a horrible day, Morgan went to visit Carol to bring her up to speed on the events, but also to let her know what happened to Glenn, Abraham, Spencer and Olivia. 

Ezekiel Loses a Melon

Carol was not shocked. When you think about it, these people never get anything good in their lives, so the poor woman probably knew all along that something was not right. 

Carol went after Morgan after he stormed off and was there for him when he needed her. It was very similar to the way he was there for her earlier in the series. 

Carol then decided enough was enough and turned to Ezekiel to let him know it was ready to join the fight with Rick and his people. 

Ezekiel did not even hesitate and agreed on the spot. This was a far cry from his reaction a few weeks back. All it took was young Ben dying. 

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