Nathan Griffith Responds to Body-Shaming Scandal: I'm a Douchebag!

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Nathan Griffith is a terrible person.

It's not a new development, not by a long shot, but it always bears repeating.

Nathan Griffith Mugshot

Today, he's a terrible person because of that ridiculously rude, insensitive Snapchat post he made in which he body-shamed a trainer at his gym.

He snuck a photo of a trainer with her client, and he captioned it "When the trainer is fat than her client with no muscles!"

Because what could she possibly have to offer if she doesn't have muscles, right? Hey, if she doesn't have muscles, is she even worthy of being called a real person?

Surely she couldn't have any expert knowledge on fitness or nutrition or really anything other than being "fat than her client."

Nathan Griffith Fat-Shames Trainer

Sadly, it seems like that's the way Nathan thinks. And even though he's been banned from his gym after the Snapchat post caused some controversy, he's not sorry.

In a statement he made to Real Mr. Housewife, Nathan explained that "I'm sorry, but I wouldn't get jujitsu lessons from someone who didn't do jujitsu or get my hair done by a hair stylist with f-cked up hair."

"Hence I wouldn't be going to a trainer that didn't practice what they preach."

"To most people," he said, "I'm the biggest douchebag and I really don't care anymore."

Well, at least he said it.

Nathan Griffith: Another Mugshot

Nathan insisted that "The only people who got offended were people who were overweight. If they have a problem with me making a justified comment then they can go f-ck themselves."

Except it wasn't a justified comment, that's the problem. It was an insensitive photo he shared to potentially thousands of people, and it body-shamed a woman who really just looks like she has a thicker body type than he'd prefer.

But don't worry, because Nathan finished up his little statement with this gem:

"America is becoming filled with a bunch of non-working lazy ass crybabies and I'm getting sick of it. We are so worried about making everyone feel comfortable that it's f-cking up our society."

Nathan Griffith in a Tree

And oh, how rich!

Nathan is a guy who's been arrested multiple times for violently abusing girlfriends, and for drinking and driving. He's directly put so many people in danger because of his own issues.

But yes, Nathan, please tell us more about what you think is destroying our society. Please give us more advice on how to live a meaningful life.

We would sincerely love to hear it.

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