Nathan Griffith Body-Shames Trainer on Snapchat, Gets Banned From Gold's Gym

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It's been quite a week for Jenelle Evans' exes.

First, Courtland Rogers is getting out of jail and vowing to win her back (though she mercifully wants her former husband to steer clear).

Now, Nathan Griffith is persona non grata at Gold's Gym after he body-shamed a trainer there with a horribly insensitive Snapchat pic.

Nathan Griffith Working Out

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that the father of Evans' second son, Kaiser, has been in the news for many negative reasons.

From on-air arguments to off-air domestic violence, to DUI, to fighting Jenelle for custody of Kai, Griffith has never been far from trouble.

He can't even go to the gym without causing problems, apparently, as he showed by cyber-bullying someone during a recent workout.

Yes, Nathan decided to also flex his bullying muscles in addition to his biceps when he cruelly mocked a Gold's Gym trainer on Snapchat.

Griffith posted the photo of a trainer at the gym below, and captioned the image, “When the trainer is fat than her client with no muscles.”

Total class act, this guy.

Nathan Griffith Fat-Shames Trainer

(In addition to being a jackass, Nathan is also a moron, based on that grammatically incorrect caption, but that's neither here nor there.)

Many of Nathan’s Snapchat followers, who should probably rethink their lives for even following him, were rightfully appalled by this.

They quickly took action, and he's paying the price.

After figuring out which specific gym Nathan was pumping iron at, Internet sleuths began bombarding the Gold’s Gym Twitter account.

Having been alerted, Gold’s was not having it.

In response to tweets from irate Teen Mom 2 fans, the gym said in a statement that Nathan Griffith is banned from the premises for bullying.

Effective immediately.

Gold's Reply

“We have a zero-tolerance policy for this behavior. This person’s membership has been terminated,” the popular gym franchise tweeted.

Nate has yet to reply to getting his gym membership revoked, but we suspect an indignant, borderline illegible response in due time.

Could he face legal charges for doing this? He might want to consult the lawyer for disgraced former Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers.

Mathers, you recall, is in hot water over a Snapchat pic she posted last fall of showed a nude woman in her gym locker room changing.

Dani, who later apologized (for getting caught),  body-shamed the woman in the caption, writing "if I can't unsee this, neither can you."

A criminal charge, if issued, is Dissemination of Private Images, which is a misdemeanor which could carry a six-month jail sentence.

A bit extreme for a bad Snapchat joke?

Perhaps, but not necessarily if you consider that Nathan isn't just being a dick (he is a dick, but it goes beyond that) in this situation.

Publicly humiliating another person and invading their privacy in such fashion does potentially cause the victim considerable harm. 

Safe to say that Jenelle Evans is better off these days with her current fiance, David Eason, than either Griffith or Rogers ...

We just hope her good relationship lasts.

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