Leah Messer: STILL Hinting That She's Pregnant?!

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It seems the entire Teen Mom 2 cast has gone baby crazy.

Last month, Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans gave birth within 48 hours of one another, and shortly thereafter, fans learned that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her third child.

So it's not hard to see why fans are now anticipating an announcement from Leah Messer.

Leah Messer and Her Kids

Leah already has her hands full as a single mom with three kids, but she's stated on several occasions that she's open to the idea of expanding her family at some point in the future.

And recent events have led many to the conclusion that that time is now.

Rumors that Leah is pregnant with her fourth child have been circulating online for weeks now, and they're not all a result of the fact that Leah's co-stars are breeding like rabbits.

There's real reason to believe that Messer is secretly knocked up, and while the reports are spreading like wildfire, Leah seems to be in no hurry to put out the blaze.

When Leah's daughter Adalynn implored her to tell her fans about "the baby in [her] tummy" fans lost their minds over what appeared to be a spontaneous pregnancy announcement.

Leah Messer Daughter with Cheerleading Coach

And in the weeks that followed, Leah did little to put a stop to the speculation.

In fact, she appears to be encouraging fans to continue digging:

“Giving birth is an adventure no mom can prepare enough for,” she recently commented on Instagram.

Not surprisingly, fans took the remark Leah's way of hinting at big news.

But before we get too excited about another Messer entering the world, it's important to remember what Leah had to say directly after Adalynn's live stream reveal:

Leah Messer Dress Photo

“You guyssss!! Kids say the craziesttt things. Of course other moms of young kids can totally relate. I am in an amazing place in my life & I have enough respect for all of you to tell you if I am pregnant!” Leah told fans on Facebook. 

“Let’s just say that you have to be In a serious relationship and intimate with someone for that to happen.

"The only male I’m cuddling is my brand new adorablee male puppy!"

She added:

Adalynn most definitely has a boisterous & creative personality. I was mortified to say the least, but that’s a little one for ya! Thank you for all the interests tho.”

Leah Messer Promotional Image

Of course, that was three weeks ago, and Leah has yet to comment on the latest round of speculation.

It's far from a certainty, but at this point, we wouldn't be surprised if Ms. Messer confirmed the presence of a bun in the oven.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to keep up with all the baby-makin' drama.

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