Kim Kardashian Scores HUGE Bonus as KUWTK Faces Cancelation

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If you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online, then you know the show's latest episode didn't exactly deliver in the drama department.

After months of teasing the show's most "epic" (E!'s word, not ours) season to date, the KUWTK Season 13 premiere was a a lackluster affair that devoted way too much of its runtime to the sisters' Dash clothing boutiques.

Yes, the Dash stores are apparently still a thing.

Kim Kardashian Cries a Lot

Anyway, with the amount of drama the Kard clan has endured in recent months (Kim getting robbed at gunpoint, trouble with the Kimye,  Kylie's continued transformation into Kim's mini-me ...) fans can't be blamed for expecting more fireworks from the premiere.

And considering KUWTK is very much on the bubble these days, it may have been wise for Kris and company to deliver.

We get that they want to save something for the honeymoon so to speak, but there's been talk about E! canceling the Kardashians for months now, and a premiere that does little to draw viewers back in probably won't help matters.

All of this comes at a time when the show's most important cast member is reportedly growing weary of spending a significant portion of her time surrounded by camera crews.

A Kim Kardashian Favorite

Yes, according to Radar Online, in order to Kim to return for the show's 13th season, Kris had to negotiate a massive bonus.

Adding to her general weariness with the production schedule is the fact that Kim's not crazy about the idea of her recent difficulties playing out in front of millions of viewers:

“Kim and Kris both seem to think that their fans only really care about seeing Kanye’s breakdown and the aftermath of Kim’s robbery in Paris," a source close to the family tells Radar.

But those who know the 36-year-old best say that as much as she thinks she'd like to part ways with the show, it's likely a situation in which Kim won't know what she's got til it's gone:

Kim Kardashian: Look at My Waist

“Kim knows that she has to get people to tune in and if the ratings are not good, the show could be on the chopping block,” the insider says. 

“As much as Kim wants people to think that she is over the fame and does not need the show, the truth is that she cannot live without being famous.”

It's entirely possible that truer words have literally never been spoken.

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