Kailyn Lowry: Still in Love with Javi Marroquin?!

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Just when we thought Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry was over Javi Marroquin comes a cryptic tweet that has made us question everything.


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They recently got divorced, and despite rumors that Javi might be the father, it;s all but certain that Kailyn is pregnant by another man.

That recent revelation, which shocked the reality TV world last month, seemed to be the nail in the coffin for their relationship, as it were.

Or what was left of it.

Given the rampant accusations of cheating while they were married, and the fact that she told Javi she didn't want more kids with him?

It's no surprise he didn't take the news of her pregnancy well, let's just put it that way (even if his own actions leave a lot to be desired).

Still, she posted a tweet over the weekend that left her fans wondering if she may still be longing for the good old days - with her husband:

Kail's Tweet

"The hardest thing you can ever do," the MTV star writes, not at all looking for attention, "is let go of someone you're still in love with."

A general philosophical observation? Or perhaps a melancholy declaration of a love for a former partner that has not fully faded away?

(Of course, Kail's "pinned" tweet from last week is a not-so-subtle dig at Javi, who she says "did me dirty," so make of that what you will.)

Lowry has also continuously claimed to be over Javi, and clearly moved on to another guy, or guys, so what does Kailyn's tweet mean?

Well, it may not be about Javi, though it's unclear if she was "in love" with rumored baby daddies JC Cueva, Tyler Hill or Chris Lopez.

Or it may be entirely about Javi, and she's reflecting on how it's hard to let go of a marriage ... even though she has and will do that.

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In fact, she's been pretty candid about the need to move on, and critical of Javi - the father of her son Lincoln - for not doing the same.

“I feel bad that he hasn’t moved on as quickly as I did,” she said last week, and not in reference to her having a baby with someone else.

Kailyn said Javi broke into her house and even sought a protective order from him (though neither party says he abused her physically).

For his part, Marroquin has made it a point not to comment directly on Kail’s pregnancy, though he's taken plenty of shots at her lately.

“I don’t need your “friendship” don’t play mother Theresa now,” he tweeted during last week's show, when she spoke of being friends.

“Friendship and co parenting are 2 different things.”

Kailyn Lowry Bathroom Selfie

The pair will always be in each other’s lives because of Lincoln, but clearly Javi has some work to do internally as he processes this.

Co-parenting isn't just about the kid - in fact, the kid would be the #1 beneficiary if mom and dad stopped fighting in person and online.

Just saying. A little free advice for you kids there.

Regarding the baby's father (again, we just can't see it being Javi), she's not saying, but we know that he is “a friend Kail was briefly dating.”

For now, it remains a mystery ... and one that will likely eat away at the man who was upset that she didn't want more kids with him.

As always, stay tuned when it comes to this duo.

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