Kailyn Lowry Slams Javi Marroquin: Some People Just Can't Move On!

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Pregnant Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry's nasty feud with Javi Marroquin is far from over as the exes continue to trade barbs in the media.

Neither seems to be in a particular hurry to put their differences aside for the sake of their son, but Kailyn says Javi in particular failing at that.

Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin Together

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that these days, the former spouses might as well be coordinating their fights around filming.

That's all they talk about, even when their bitter feuds are not shown on camera, and last night's episode was another sad case in point.

Kailyn accused Javi of breaking into her house, and while he insisted he was only going to pick up the kids, he sort of didn't deny this.

On the Teen Mom 2 after show, during which we also got our first glimpse of Lowry's baby bump, she begged her ex-husband to chill.

Yes, they've got their issues, but they're always going to be parents, and need to work on their relationship for the sake of their son.

That's sage advice from Lowry, if she would follow it. Marroquin, for his part, discouragingly responded with yet another jab at his ex-wife.

Javi, Kailyn and Son

“It was uncomfortable and unexpected,” she said of the aforementioned incident with Marroquin. “I don’t want to go through that again."

"It was crazy [and] I hope we both move on.”

Lowry then explained that this is an ongoing pattern for her ex-husband, and “I feel bad he hasn’t moved on as quickly as I did.”

“Javi believes every single rumor. How many times can I say sorry about what I’ve done? I can’t apologize for something I didn’t do."

"He can’t believe everything he hears.”

Javi didn’t stay silent, issuing a sharp rebuke of Kailyn's olive branch and suggestion that they remain friends for the sake of Lincoln, 3.

“It’s not possible,” he said. “I don’t need your ‘friendship’ don’t play mother Teresa now. Friendship and co-parenting are two different things.”

Kailyn, Isaac and Lincoln

Ouch. That's harsh, but also sort of proves Kailyn's point about his inability to let anything go. Why do they have to be different things?

Lowry tweeted back that he's no saint either:

“Did me dirty & I still wish the best for you.”

She announced their divorce after four years together in May, following a tumultuous breakup that took place while he was deployed.

After Marroquin finally returned from duty with the U.S. Air Force, he allegedly "caught" Lowry with another man in the family home.

Relations sourced further after he learned that Kailyn is pregnant with her third child after telling him she didn't want more children.

Didn't want more with Javi, it turned out.

Kailyn, Lincoln and Isaac

Last week, Lowry filed a protection from abuse order against Marroquin, reportedly in fear of his frequently erratic and unstable behavior. 

“She said it’s because I harassed her via text about all this divorce and guy stuff,” Marroquin said in response. “I signed a consent PFA."

That, he clarifies, "means there’s no evidence of abuse ... I just can’t contact her unless it’s in regards to Lincoln for a year.”

No one's suggesting for a second that Javi abused Kailyn or would hurt her physically, but how sad is it that such an order is unecessary?

An insider said she sought the PFA due to his confrontational communications, and how he would “show up at her home aggressively.”

Having watched last night's Teen Mom 2, and watched his reaction to almost anything she does, that unfortunately makes a lot of sense.

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