Kailyn Lowry: I'm Writing a Book About My Third Baby Daddy!

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Kailyn Lowry is obviously a big fan of going through difficult life experiences and them publishing books about them.

That's why she's already released two memoirs at the tender age of 25.

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But, to be fair, Kailyn's been through a lot in her short life. She had an absent father and an alcoholic mother, she had her first child at 16 years old, she's already had one divorce, she's been through a rape and a miscarriage.

So really, it just makes sense that now that she's pregnant with her third child -- her third child with her third partner, just in case anyone's keeping count -- she'd deal with it with another book.

Yep, you heard us right: Kailyn is writing a book all about her third baby daddy.

We first heard about the book on Twitter, when a fan asked her "Do you think you'll write a 3rd book that talks about the feelings you experienced to decide to have one more 'tiny human'?"

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She responded with "I have already signed a contract for it!"

Shortly after that, an insider described the book as "something many wouldn't expect" and "not like her previous books."

And now we know.

Kailyn gave a statement to Real Mr. Housewife about her upcoming book, explaining that "I will be telling the story of how I ended up pregnant and about my baby's father, but, no, I will not be revealing his name."

She said that "It's a story about the baby and heartbreak," but interestingly enough, "It's basically a novel."

Though she does add that it's "based on a true story."

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So ... huh.

We haven't heard much at all about this guy who fathered Kailyn's new baby, but it does seem like there's a strong possibility it could be a friend of hers named Chris Lopez.

Her publicist didn't name him, but she did say that "The father is a friend Kail was briefly dating."

And then, in an Instagram live video, she was discussing possible baby names, and she made a joke about how "Chris" would react to a certain name.

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She ended the video right after the slip, and many took it as a sign that she accidentally revealed the identity of the baby's father.

So pairing all that information with Kailyn's statement, it seems like she was briefly with some guy, perhaps Chris, and while the relationship didn't end well, she still got pregnant.

Oh, girl.

Best wishes for the new book, the new baby, and just every last thing, Kailyn.

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