Kailyn Lowry: I Cheated on Javi Marroquin!

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We may never know exactly what caused the Kailyn Lowry-Javi Marroquin divorce, but with passage of time, a clearer picture of the couple's issues is beginning to develop.

Both parties have been accused of infidelity over the years, but Kailyn has undoubtedly taken the brunt of the online allegations, with many fans claiming to have unspecified evidence that she cheated on Javi.

Now, those accusers may have been vindicated by what they feel is Kailyn's on-air confession.

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On last week's episode of Teen Mom 2, we saw yet another fight between Kailyn and Javi, which is pretty much a weekly occurrence at this point.

(Remember when they promised an amicable divorce with their son's happiness as their top priority? Ha!)

During the argument, Kailyn appeared to contradict herself, at first claiming that she hadn't cheated on Javi, then admitting that she "slept with someone else."

“I know what I do, I have nothing to cover up — I’m not sleeping with all these dudes! So don’t sit here and try to make me sound like some ho while you were gone,” she shouted after Javi accused her of cheating again.

“I’m sorry we weren’t going to work it out, yeah — I slept with someone else, whoopty f--cking doo.”

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Not surprisingly viewers leapt on what they saw as an admission of infidelity but it might not be that simple.

Kailyn may have been speaking hypothetically - suggesting that it wouldn't be a big deal if she had cheated.

Or, she may have been inarticulately trying to say that she slept with someone else after she and Javi broke up.

Either way, Javi wasn't having it when Kailyn tried to make nice on the live TM2 after-show later that same evening.

Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin Together

When Kailyn suggested that she would like to "build a friendship" with Javi, he wasted no time in clapping back on Twitter.

“It’s not possible. I don’t need your ‘friendship,’” he wrote.

“Don’t play Mother Teresa now.”

It's a little weird to accuse someone of cheating and accuse them of pretending to be a nun, but we think we get his point.

Whatever the case, we think it's safe to put those rumors about Kailyn still being in love with Javi to bed.

If she still has feelings for the guy, she's got some very strange ways of showing it.

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