Kailyn Lowry & Chelsea Houska SLAM Teen Mom 2 Editors!

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Like pretty much every other reality show on television, Teen Mom 2 often relies on clever editing to craft storylines and create a coherent narrative.

Unfortunately, for the show's producers, they're working with a group of stars who have been famous since they were in high school.


They have never worked real jobs, and thus, having ridden this fame train for years, nothing to compare their current lives to.

As a result, the moms of TM2 aren't into compromise.

They want the wealth and fame that come with reality TV stardom, but none of the occasional negativity that come with airing it on television.

Even the Kardashians (who executive produce their own shows) grasp that this is a natural consequence of turning your life into an entertainment commodity.

Without drama, there's no product to sell.

And if the show is cut in such a way as to make the ladies all look like top-notch moms and laid-back people, 24/7, there's no drama.

Kailyn Lowry Bathroom Selfie

And yet, Teen Mom stars complaining about editing and their portrayal on MTV is pretty much a weekly occurrence at this point. 

And it's not just the ladies.

Leah Messer's ex-husband Jeremy Calvert has slammed Teen Mom 2 editors and even threatened to make pointing out the show's errors and inconsistencies a weekly feature on his Instagram page.

Basically, the equivalent of not only biting the hand that feeds but chewing it to the bone.

Today, it's not Jeremy, but Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry who have come forward to criticize the show's editing department.

To their credit, rather than making baseless generalizations and threatening to quit (cough, Adam Lind), the women offered specific feedback.

How do they feel they were misrepresented?

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"obv crabby in the scene w my mom BUT they left out the convo b4 this where she kept talking about aubs dad in front of her," Chelsea tweeted.

The Housk was referring to a scene from this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 in which she argued with her mother.

"Then I just felt like she was pushing the 'new dad' stuff and aubs was uncomfortable #ohhhmoms," she added.

Chelsea maintains that there's no bad blood between her and her mom.

She says that the conversation about Adam was upsetting Aubree (which is understandable) and she simply felt the need to shut it down.

Similarly, Kailyn Lowry says her latest spat with Javi Marroquin has been blown out of proportion and that all is currently well between the exes:

"Neither me or javi are bad people... however there is A LOT left out," she tweeted in response to Chelsea's gripe about editing.

"Glad that's behind us," she added.

In Kailyn's case, what was left IN is harder to explain away, as Javi and Kailyn argued explosively about the end of their marriage and more.

Sure, we understand that Javi and Kailyn aren't bad people, and that they don't fight like this all the time ... but they fight a lot, like this.

At the end of the day, it sounds like both ladies simply want fans to understand that their lives really aren't all that dramatic all the time.

Unfortunately for them, stable lives don't make for good television, and especially in Kailyn's case, she's hardly flying under the radar.

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