Joseph Duggar: Courting Kendra Caldwell!!

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Another Duggar family member is spoken for. Yes, already.

This time, though, it’s one of the boys for a change!

Joseph Duggar has officially entered into a courtship with a family friend, Kendra Caldwell, after the couple met through their church.

Kendra Caldwell, Joseph Duggar

“We are so excited to share the news with others that we're courting,” the 22-year-old Joseph told People, which broke the news.

“Our families are close friends through church," he explained, which "has allowed Kendra and me to get to know each other."

Joseph adds, adorably, "She’s the best!”

As for Kendra Caldwell, who is just 18 years of age, she feels the same way and could not be more excited for the future.

“I’m looking forward to getting to spend more time with Joseph as we take this exciting step toward a new season in life."

“It’s a really wonderful moment!”

Joy-Anna, Joseph Duggar

The news of Joseph's courtship comes just one week after the engagement of his 19-year-old sister Joy-Anna (pictured with him above).

Joy-Anna is engaged to Austin Forsyth, after a courtship she announced on a special episode of Counting On: Jinger’s Wedding last fall.

In the case of Austin, he too was a family friend - for the last 15 years - who met Joy when his family moved to Arkansas years ago.

They started attending the Duggars’ church, and the rest is history ... as documented in official courtship announcement videos, natch.

Back to Joseph's courtship:

Caldwell adds, in an amusing reference to Duggar courtship rules: “I’m looking forward to side-hugs and getting to do phone calls and texting."

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar

On a more serious note, Kendra says also can't wait to "get to do ministry stuff out in public and for everyone to know we’re courting."

Joseph also revealed to TLC that he has gifted Caldwell a promise ring, which represents exactly what you think it does.

“The promise ring signifies that I promise I’m going to wait for you for marriage," he tells his beaming future wife Caldwell.

“It’s kind of a similar token to what my other siblings have done," he adds. "I just thought it was something a little it different.”

You wouldn't think that would be needed, as courting is essentially a brief pre-marriage phase, but it's a sweet sentiment.

Also, if their relationship is monitored like his sister's (see Joy-Anna's courtship rules), expect A LOT of chaperones!

Kendra and Lauren Caldwell

Late last month, we reported on the possibility of two more Duggar courtships being imminent. Looks like we were half right.

Maybe more than half right.

Kendra Caldwell (above, left) and her sister Lauren (right) both got the attention of Counting On fans during Jinger's wedding episode.

The sisters, along with Austin Forsyth, all helped assemble a large "V" made out of roses to be placed near the altar at the wedding.

When that installment aired, the prevailing wisdom among those who watch Counting On online was exactly this scenario:

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell were secretly courting, or getting to know one another in anticipation of that possibility.

As for part two of the dual-Caldwell courtship rumor?

Either Jedidiah or Jeremiah Duggar, both 18, is rumored to be involved with - or at least getting to know - the other Caldwell, Lauren. 

It's unclear as of this report whether that is the case.

Interestingly, once again, 27-year-old John David Duggar is not involved in a courtship, nor is his twin sister, the lovely Jana Duggar.

All in all, Joseph's announcement makes him #6 among Jim Bob and Michelle's 19 Kids & Counting to commence an official relationship.

Josh (ugh) is married of course, as are Jill, Jessa and Jinger Duggar, with Joy-Anna soon to follow as that courtship moves rapidly.

Joseph's younger brother Josiah Duggar, 20, was briefly involved in a courtship with Marjorie Jackson that did not end in a marriage.

Congrats to Joseph and Kendra!!

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