Jinger Duggar Baby Bump Photo Sparks Pregnancy Rumors!

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It's been five months since Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo and thus far, there's been no announcement regarding a bun in the oven.

No official announcement, that is. Did she just let the cat out of the bag, though? The following picture has fans believing exactly that ...

Jinger Duggar baby Bump Photo

Obviously, there would be nothing odd about that in most cases, a newly-married couple waiting half a year before starting a family.

Jinger is a Duggar, though which means she's been taught from a young age that women are put on Earth for the sole purpose of procreating.

And now, folks are convinced that that lesson really sunk in.

Yes, Duggar fans are all in a tizzy over what the above photo, which they believe offers a first glimpse of the beginnings of Jinger's baby bump.

Rumors about Jinger being pregnant have been circulating since the day she tied the knot, but now fans think they have photo evidence.

Obviously, that's a highly dubious claim. Just look at her.

Jinger Duggar Wedding Dress

Even if that is a baby bump in the first photo above (and that's a huge "if"), then Jinger clearly isn't very far along at this point.

This could be a case of an unusual angle or a strange shadow playing tricks on the eye, rather than a baby being on board.

Heck, the 23-year-old Jinger might have eaten a large meal just before she posed for the picture in question for all we know.

The Duggars don't condone tight fitting clothes, either, which pokes holes in the theory that she's "hiding" a bump above.

(Of course, with Jinger Duggar wearing shorts and flaunting her calves all over south Texas, who even knows what's next).

Fortunately, pregnancy mysteries tend to offer closure, and one way or the other, we'll know the real answer soon enough.

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo Wedding Pic

If Jinge is really knocked up with her first child, by definition, she won't be able to keep it a secret from fans for much longer.

And honestly, why would she want to?

Of all the Duggar girls, it's possible that Jinger is not only the most popular, but the one enjoys life in the spotlight the most.

As we mentioned avbove, last week she ignited a hilarious nothing-burger of a controversy by posing for a photo while wearing shorts.

That scandalous pic appears below.

Yes, due to her family's strict dress code, "Jinger Duggar wears shorts" was a legitimate news story in certain corners of the Internet.

Jinger Duggar Shorts

We suppose it's a testament to both her family's popularity and the severe nature of the Duggar code of conduct that their fans cared.

A few inches of exposed calf resulting in even more tabloid headlines since the great Jessa Duggar swimsuit photo of 2015.

Think about that.

Needless to say, when Jinger gets pregnant, Duggar obsessives will positively lose it, as 23-year-old has developed into a bona fide fan favorite.

She always was one, but watching her come into her own as a young adult has only intensified the Jinger love in recent years.

Luckily for those watching with bated breath, even if Jinger is not with child at this moment, she almost certainly will be soon.


You don't need to watch Counting On online to know how obsessed with feverish procreation - and ratings - the Duggars really are.

Just saying. Look at the evidence.

These goals go hand in hand with the fundamentalist Christian family, which may not allow full-frontal hugs until marriage, however ...

Once those vows are exchanged, they don't allow birth control either, so it's only a matter of time until baby making commences.

We give it until summer, tops.

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