Jesse James on Sandra Bullock: Hey, Cheating is a Part of Life!

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Let's take a little trip down memory lane, all the way back to 2010.

A happier time, a simpler time. Well, for everybody but Sandra Bullock, that is.

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It was in 2010 when the world discovered that Jessa James, Sandra's husband, had been cheating on her with a series of women.

In Touch broke the news, nearly seven years ago to the day, that he'd been sleeping with Michelle "Bombshell McGee, several other women came forward and revealed that he'd been having affairs with them, too.

Jesse went to rehab to "deal with personal issues," we started hearing about some weird Nazi stuff he was into, then Sandra finally confirmed she was divorcing the creep.

Since then, Jesse hasn't exactly redeemed himself -- he was in a relationship with Kat Von D for a while, but he cheated on her, too.

He's had a few more Nazi-related scandals, like one does, and coincidentally he's also been a loud and proud Trump supporter for a while now.

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And now, in this awful new interview he did with the Daily Mail, he's making himself look even worse. As if that were even possible.

About Sandra, Jesse says "Yeah, I did cheat on my wife, yeah, I stood up and took accountability for it and apologized. And that's the end of story. Everything else was just ..."

At that point, the reporter describes that he just stopped and shook his head, because consequences suck, right?

He complains that "The easy [put down[ is like, oh well you cheated on Sandra Bullock. That's the world's easiest comeback."

And it's also a fact, so what's your point, bud?

"In general," he claims, "both women and men cheat. It's part of life. It's like people love to see you fall. And the farther you get, the higher you get, the more they love it."

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We'd argue that not everyone cheats, and certainly not everyone makes cheating into a career like Jesse does, but he seems intent on this narrative, so sure, we'll go with it for now.

"I look at myself now and I look at how I was feeling then," he says, "and I think I wasn't completely overreacting as far as letting it really get to me."

Because Jesse, as he says, is "a fighter, man, I come from the tradition of -- if you do something I don't like, I'm going to punch you. There's no lawsuits, nothing -- we're just going to fight it out."

Yeah, sounds like a great dude.

He says that since he's so into communicating through violence, just being cool while the media was being honest about his terrible ways was hard.

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But these days, he feels that "A lot of good happened out of [the end of his marriage] because it helped me focus on being a dad more, it helped me focus on doing the right thing and being myself, and getting out of LA and getting a better life for my kids."

Jesse says that he has "no regrets" about what happened with Sandra, except he does feel kind of sad about not being able to help raise "my son" -- Louis, the little boy Sandra was in the process of adopting before the divorce.

And we don't suppose he would have any regrets. He's been married to Alexis DeJoria for four years now, and we haven't heard about any mistresses, but time will tell.

What a gross, gross man.

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