Javi Marroquin Responds to Kailyn Lowry Abuse Claims: She Has No Proof!

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Yesterday, we learned that Kailyn Lowry has received an order of protection against her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

Today, more details have emerged, and it's beginning to look as though Kailyn and Javi's split is getting far more contentious than we ever would've imagined.

Both sides are speaking out following this week's dramatic day in court, and it's sounding like Lowry and Marroquin's co-parenting relationship is doomed to get worse before it gets better:

Javi, Kailyn and Son

"She said it’s because I harassed her via text about all this divorce and guy stuff," Javi told Radar Online.

"I signed a consent PFA, which means there’s no evidence of abuse. I just can’t contact her unless it’s in regards to Lincoln for a year."

He added:

"Her and the world know I would never threaten or put my hands on her. As a man, I have my proof and will get out of it."

Javi's claims are supported by the fact that while Kailyn did receive a PFA (Protection From Abuse), it was not an emergency order, which means the judge had no reason to believe that she was in immediate danger.

Javi, Kailyn and Kids

A rep for Kailyn issued a statement to Radar claiming that while the Teen Mom 2 star doesn't view Marroquin as an immediate threat, she does believe that his recent behavior constitutes harassment:

"Kail filed a PFA against Javi for harassment and showing up at her home aggressively. She doesn’t want that around the boys.

"They didn’t look for abuse and it wasn’t even a question since Javi signed the consent."

The rep adds:

"Kail’s first priority is and always will be her children. We ask all to please respect Kail’s privacy during this difficult time.

Kailyn Lowry Looks Happy

It's hard to believe now, but there was a time when it looked Kailyn and Javi's divorce would be an amicable one.

Both parties seemed to prioritize the happiness of their child above all else, and while that may still be the case, their recent hostility toward one another is likely resulting major tension at home.

Shortly after the protective order was issued, Javi took to social media to lash out against the judge's ruling:

"I guess people are desperate when they have no ammo they'll make up lies to try and take me down," he tweeted.

"Never once put my hands on any female. I guess texting someone the truth falls under that now."

Javi would probably be well-advised to refrain from tweeting about Kailyn for the time being.

If a judge determines that that constitutes harassment, he could find himself in serious trouble.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive a time in which Kailyn and Javi actuall got along.

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