Jared Fogle Prison Attacker: The Pedophile Deserved It!

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Approximately one year after he beat Jared Fogle nearly to death, the man responsible for bludgeoning this disgraced former Subway spokesman has finally spoken out.

In the following letter, he explains why Fogle deserved what happened to him.

Jared Fogle in a Bowtie

First, however, a refresher:

In November of 2015, Fogle was sentenced to 15 years behind bars after an investigation determined that he often partook in some truly reprehensible behavior.

According to authorities, Fogle texted over a dozen victims (all of them minors), offering to pay them money for various sex acts, often receiving illicit photos from several of the young girls.  

A raid of his home turned up child pornography on Fogle's computer, while court documents stated he had traveled between Indiana and New York City several times between 2010 and 2013 to pay for sex with teenage girls.

Like we said: truly reprehensible behavior.

With such strong evidence against him, Fogle didn't even go to trial.

He pleaded guilty in late 2015, hoping to reach a deal with prosecutors that would result in only five years in jail.

But a judge saw things differently. Hence the 15-year punishment.

Jared Fogle Sucks

Fast forward to January of last year and reports that Fogle was savagely beaten in the prison yard.

According to a TMZ report in March, James Nigg - a 60-year-old serving numerous year on a weapons charge - reportedly pushed Fogle while outside with him and then repeatedly punched him in the face.

Shortly after news of this assault went viral, family members of Nigg's said they were not surprised by the confrontation.

Nigg had reportedly been complaining about the presence of child molesters in the minimum security prison for awhile... and he simply could not handle such a famous one being in his presence.

Now, in a letter obtained by TMZ, Nigg has basically confirmed this assertion.

Jared Fogle Snapshot

In the message, Nigg says "Jared is [a] hero" to other pedophiles in prison, writing in disgust:

"You would not believe how arrogant Jared was. He hired bodyguards and the other child molesters looked at him as if he was a god."

This perception was altered, briefly at least, when Nigg left Fogle with a bloody nose, swollen face and scratches on his neck early last year.

Following his pummeling of Fogle, Nigg was moved to an Oklahoma prison.

He says he's since "lost good times [that is, time off his sentence] and spent many months in the hole, plus the loss of commissary and email" due to the actions he took against Fogle.

Still, "I have no regrets," Nigg concludes.

We don't want to ever encourage violence and we never want to take the side of someone in jail on a weapons charge.

So we'll just stop writing words now in that case.

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