Jamie Otis: See Her Amazing Response to Her Body Shamer!

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Jamie Otis, star of Married at First Sight and generally lovely human being, has been having some issues on social media lately.

You'll never believe this, but she's actually been having to deal with mean, hateful strangers on the internet.

Jamie Otis in Hat

She's been dealing with one awful person in particular -- a woman who decided to body shame her over the way her breasts looked in a Facebook Live video.

In the video, Jamie was reviewing one of those subscription boxes, and she was also wearing a somewhat revealing shirt.

How dare she, right?

Here's the most scandalous shot from the video, one where she was hunched over a bit:

Jamie Otis Facebook Live Pic

Upon seeing the video, some woman thought it was appropriate to leave a comment that read "I'm just trying to figure out what's lopsided -- her boobs, her bra or her shirt ... Woman, have some respect for yourself."

OK, for one, mind your business. For two, it's totally normal for women to have breasts that are two different sizes.

And for three, Jamie is pregnant. Pregnancy boobs have minds of their own, and Jamie should not be criticized for that.

Unfortunately, Jamie saw the comment. And it really, really bothered her. Enough that she wrote a blog post about it.

In the post, she wrote that she'd been away for a long weekend during which she hadn't checked her social media, so when she got back home, she was looking forward to seeing comments and messages from her friends and "frans."

Jamie Otis Screen Shot

"Frans" is what she calls fans that have become friends -- Jamie Otis is too cute for this world.

So she was excited to check out her Facebook, but then she saw that inappropriate, rude comment. And that happiness just went right out the window.

"Instantly I felt my smile fade," she wrote. "My mood went bleak. I immediately looked down to my chest to see if my boobs are really that noticeably 'lopsided' ...?!"

"Then I re-watched my video to see if my breasts looked completely abnormal? I wasn't thinking of my breasts or even paying attention to them when I was chatting with all of my friends and frans live on Facebook."

She said that she's a bit hormonal, being 18 weeks pregnant, and that she's "a bit sensitive, too" because she's been bullied before.

Jamie Otis Pic

"I used to be so insecure," she explained, "that I would just keep quiet and not say anything. As a matter of fact, I would do ANYTHING to get the person who was bullying and shaming me to begin to like me."

Jamie ended up sending a private message to the woman who body shamed her, and she shared that in the post too -- turns out her boobs actually are significantly different sizes because she had a lump removed from one when she was younger.

She spilled her heart out to this woman, she kindly asked her to stop leaving such superficial, harmful messages, and you know what the woman did?

She replied with "Modesty is an option. I don't give a damn what size your breasts are. You're broadcasting a video that you know lots of people are going to see. And all I can see is your boobs about to jiggle out of your shirt."

Jamie Otis Facebook Message

Some people are just awful. This woman is just awful.

Jamie wrote that though this response left her speechless, "My goal in sharing this experience is that any woman who stumbles across this post will just think about their comments before they post them."

"Maybe we as women could go out of our way to build each other up instead of tear each other down."

What a woman, right?

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