Farrah Abraham: Fired From Teen Mom?! Debra Danielsen Addresses Rumors

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Yesterday, a trailer for the new season of Teen Mom was released online, and it left the show's biggest fans shouting one crucial question in unison:

Where the hell is Farrah Abraham?!

If you watch Teen Mom: OG online, you know that Farrah is to the MTV franchise's original iteration what Jenelle Evans is Teen Mom 2.

Farrah Abraham Blonde Selfie

She's the loose cannon, the wild card, the possibly legitimately mentally ill person whose irrational rages have made the show what it is. 

Having provided countless hours of entertainment over the years, Teen Mom: OG simply isn't our favorite guilty pleasure minus Farrah.

It's hard to imagine the show without her, and yet, right after new trailer went live, rumors that Farrah had been fired spread like wildfire.

Maybe it's not as crazy as we think.

It's easy to forget that when Teen Mom: OG - a reboot of the dormant Teen Mom - was first announced, producers planned to film without Abraham.

Then, when it was announced she would be re-joining the original cast members after all, those co-stars reportedly threatened to quit.

Farrah Abraham for MTV

Add to that Farrah's recent feud with Amber Portwood, and it's not hard to see why so many assumed the Farrah-less trailer was a sign.

Perhaps, many observers believed, assumed or hoped, MTV had finally grown weary of its resident porn star troublemaker.

But according to Farrah's mom, Debra Danielsen, that's not the case.

“We are filming for next season,” Danielsen recently told Radar.

“Farrah and I have also done work on Teen Mom 2 live after shows too,” notes the family matriarch, an MTV staple in her own right.

Asked if she has any ill will toward Amber following the now-notorious reunion show brawl, Debbo said that hatchet was buried long ago.

Farrah Abraham in a Pink Dress Photo

“I have nothing against any of them,” Danielsen said. 

“I just think Amber has amazing talents. She’s a smart, smart woman."

Danielsen added:

"She’s going to do some great things in her life. I have nothing negative to say about Catelynn or Maci either.”

We can't help but think she may have forgotten how wild the Farrah v. Amber confrontation really was.

(Check out the video below for a reminder.)

Farrah has yet to respond to the rumors that she's been canned from the show, but we're guessing we can predict what it'll sound like when she does:

She'll tell the haters to shut their hater mouths.

Then she'll claim that she's too busy with her multiple business ventures to be involved in something as lame as a short little teaser trailer.

(Which makes literally no sense, as the clip was assembled from footage from the upcoming season, which Deb just said they're currently filming, but that won't stop Farrah from saying it!)

Farrah may be getting a bit predictable at this point, but for reasons we don't fully understand, we're still not sick of her.

We might need help.

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