Dean McDermott: Going to Jail for Unpaid Child Support?!

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That Dean McDermott, he sure is a catch, right?

Ha ha, just kidding -- he's actually a giant, unrelenting douchebag with, as far as we can tell, zero redeeming qualities.

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Because, OK, remember how he has that son with his first wife, Mary Jo Eustace?

We learned last month that he'd fallen behind on his child support payments. He missed several months, so he owes thousands of dollars to Mary Jo.

It was such a situation that Mary Jo had to sue Dean to get the child support.

Now, Dean and his equally douchey wife, Tori Spelling, are pretty familiar with lawsuits at this point. After all, they've been sued multiple times this past year alone for not paying credit card bills.

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: 2016 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

But this one's a little different in that Dean could very well be sent to jail.

See, Dean and Mary Jo had a court date yesterday about the child support and, surprise surprise, Dean still hadn't paid.

Dean was charged with eight counts of contempt of court -- one count for every payment he's missed. He was read his rights and everything.

But just before he was carted off to jail, the judge was kind enough to let Dean work out a deal with Mary Jo so that perhaps he wouldn't have to be incarcerated.

Mary Jo withdrew her complaint for now, and she's giving Dean until Monday to give her half the money he owes her.

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And if he doesn't?

She's prepared to re-file the very next day ... meaning that Dean could very well go to jail next week,

At this point, we don't see how he can avoid it. If he hasn't been able to come up with monthly child support payments for all this time, how's he going to come up with half of the lump sum over the weekend?

Can he get another reality show deal real quick? Can he hit up Candy Spelling for some money so her grandchildren, including that brand new little boy, don't have to see their father carted off to jail?

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, and Family

Or, hope against hope, can Dean and Tori somehow come to the realization that they are inconceivably terrible with money, invent a time machine, and go back and just be reasonable enough to not waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on nonsense?

Unfortunately, we think we know the answers to all of these questions.

And we also think there's a good chance that Dean could find himself in jail in just a few short days.

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