Chris Lopez Got Kailyn Lowry Pregnant. This is How We Know.

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It's been five weeks since Kailyn Lowry confirmed that she's pregnant with her third child, unleashing a torrent of criticism and speculation.

The already-intense public scrutiny of Lowry's private life has ramped up considerably with one major question looming large in the minds of Teen Mom 2 fans:

Just who is Kailyn's baby daddy?

Kailyn Lowry: Baby Bump Alert!

UPDATE: Lowry has confirmed Lopez is the father!!!!!

We knew from the start that Kailyn is not pregnant by Jo Rivera or Javi Marroquin, who fathered her sons Isaac and Lincoln, respectively.

Baby number three will not be a full sibling of Isaac or Linc, but she seems to be in no rush to reveal who did knock her up recently.

Three candidates have emerged as the most likely fathers, and convincing arguments have been made in favor of each.

Many fans believe Kailyn was knocked up by Tyler Hill - a man with whom Kailyn allegedly cheated on Javi while he was overseas with the US Air Force.

Others insist that Kailyn is expecting J.C. Cueva's baby.

J.C. is a Teen Mom 2 producer with whom Kailyn appears to have established an off-camera friendship (the extent of which is hotly debated).

Kailyn Lowry, Two Sons

It's not hard to see why so many fans of the popular show believe that there might be something going on between Lowry and Cueva.

They're together often, and he'd have good reason to conceal his paternity, though they both insist their relationship is purely platonic.

While Cueva makes sense on paper, her link to the producer simply as strong as it is with the third and most likely candidate:

Chris Lopez.

The case for Lopez was strong to begin with and is especially so now, given that new evidence seems to emerge every day.

For starters, sources close to the 25-year-old star have identified the baby daddy as “a friend Kail was briefly dating."

Kailyn Selfie

That quote eliminates both Hill and Cueva.

Kailyn had a fling with the former, at most, and seems to have never been more than friends with the latter, despite knowing him well.

Even those who insist that Kailyn hooked up with Hill or Cueva never described their dalliances as anything that would qualify as "dating."

But obviously that's not enough to point to Lopez as the father.

For that, we turn to a few key pieces of evidence that emerged over the past three months.

For starters, there's this tweet, posted by Lopez back in January:

“To my miracle child, I’m so sorry.”

Kailyn Lowry Bathroom Selfie

It may not seem too significant on its own, but it was posted around the time that Kailyn would've realized she's knocked up.

The only person to like the tweet (which has since been deleted)?

You guessed it - Kailyn Lowry.

By itself, that would hardly be enough to jump to the conclusion that Lopez is the father, but a more conclusive piece of evidence emerged just last week.

The Teen Mom 2 star joked with a friend about possible baby names during an Instagram live stream ... and revealed a lot more than that.

Kailyn Lowry on MTV

Her friend suggested during that social media exchange that she go with Holden if the baby is a boy, to which Kailyn replied:

“Chris would say, ‘I’m Holden the baby!'”

Really? Chris would say that?

Shortly thereafter, she cut the stream short amidst comments from fans speculating that she had just inadvertently revealed Lopez is the father.

Interestingly, she's been completely silent on the topic of her baby daddy's identity ever since that accidental (and punny) slip-up.

Sadly, it's looking more and more as though fans will never receive the "Maury moment" they've been waiting for, but we may not need it.

Kailyn Lowry: With Baby!

We wouldn't say that's definitive evidence that Lopez is the baby's father - it's no DNA test - but it may be the closest thing to it.

Sources close to Kailyn say she may confirm this "when the time is right" ... or she may never reveal her baby daddy's identity.

Obviously, that's her decision to make.

One can't help but wonder, on the flip side, if she made the wrong career choice for someone who values her privacy as much as Kailyn does.

Given rabid fan obsession with the show, it's likely only a matter of time before a Teen Mom 2 Truther uncovers the true smoking gun.

As always, stay tuned, and watch Teen Mom 2 online to see Kailyn be all choosy about which information she shares with the public.

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