Blac Chyna to Kylie Jenner: Stay Away from My Son!

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So hey, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's breakup is really turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving, huh?

You know, if you consider intense custody battles and vicious, unrelenting drama to be a gift.

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There's just so much going on with the split, all the time, and now we have one more thing to add to the list.

Apparently Chyna is taking her frustrations out on Kylie Jenner, and all because Kylie dared to support her brother during this nasty, nasty time.

As a source explained to Hollywood Life, "Chyna's surprised Kylie doesn't have her back in this situation. They've become so close."

"They've put everything behind them and Chyna basically trusted her with King."

And while it's true that Kylie and Chyna had made up, putting all their Tyga-related feuding aside ... Rob is Kylie's brother.

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That pretty much automatically trumps whatever relationship you had with your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, right?

But regardless, "Chyna's got a bad taste in her mouth" from all this, and "She doesn't think it's smart to have someone she can't trust and doesn't have her back to be present in her son's life."

"King and Dream are her babies and the Kardashians won't take them from her."

... Yikes.

So there are a few issues here, the biggest one being that it sounds like Chyna is planning on keeping her son away from Kylie.

Blac Chyna, Son

It's sad because it's obvious that King enjoys being around Kylie, but also ... can she even do that?

If Kylie and Tyga are already back together after their latest breakup, then Tyga can bring King around Kylie if he wants to, and unless Chyna takes some drastic measures, there's not much she can do about that.

Likewise, Rob is Dream's father, and while little Dream is Chyna's baby, she's his baby too. It's not like Chyna can keep both of her children Kardashian-free.

And another thing: would Chyna really be delusional enough to think that Kylie would take her side in the upcoming custody battle?

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Last we heard, she's been threatening to unleash a series of Kardashian secrets if Rob doesn't pay her $50 million on top of agreeing to her custody demands.

With rumors of extensive plastic surgery, reports that she started seeing Tyga way before she turned 18, plus, you know, that whole thing about blood being thicker than water, of course Kylie isn't going to support Chyna.

But hey, best wishes to Chyna on not letting those dastardly Kardashians take her babies.

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