Blac Chyna Threatens Rob Kardashian: I'll Tell All!

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It's about to get ugly between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.

Or uglier, perhaps we should say, considering previous reports already warned readers that a contentious custody battle may be on the way between the ex-lovers.

But those reports didn't outline the sort of path Chyna is allegedly prepared to go down.

Blac Chyna Online

According to the latest from somewhat reliable celebrity gossip website Radar Online, Chyna has been telling friends that she has some major dirt on Kardashian...

... and she's all set to unveil it to the public unless he abides by her every wish.

“She has evidence of him partying around [their baby, Dream], calling her names and grappling her when they’ve gotten into fights,” a family supposedly told Radar, adding with dramatic flare:

“Chyna’s got the proof!”

And what will it take for Rob to keep this alleged "proof" a secret? To prevent his fans from learning some dark secrets about him?

Radar claims Chyna is demanding a $50 million payout from Rob.

Which is pretty hilarious when you stop to consider what Rob Kardashian is worth.

Rob Kardashian and Daughter Dream

Of course, combined, the Kardashians most definitely possess this amount of money.

And Chyna doesn't claim to have the goods on Rob; she's the baby mama to Kylie Jenner's boyfriend and a former close friend of Kim Kardashian.

In other words: she knows A LOT about this famous family.

She supposedly knows who has undergone plastic surgery... who has slept with whom... which reality show storylines have been faked... and so on and so forth.

Radar writes that she'll expose it all if she doesn't get her way.

And having her way at the moment mostly has to do with spending as much time as possible with daughter Dream. She doesn't want to share custody of the child.

"She doesn’t think Rob can ever get his sh-t together,” a source says of Chyna’s threats. “She has told him he cannot be alone with the baby. She doesn’t trust him.”

Rob & JINA

Sad, right?

Remember when it seemed as if Rob and Chyna were actually a happy, stable, healthy couple?

Kind of at least? A tiny little bit? For like a week or two at one point?

“Rob is a total mess right now,” an insider tells Radar Online. “He is not dieting or exercising. He has even started drinking and smoking pot again.”

Chyna is willing to let Rob see his baby. She isn't a monster.

But she wants his visits to be on her terms and based on her schedule.

Will she succeed in legally gaining full custody of the four-month old?

Not if Kris Jenner can help it.

“Kris thinks that the fact that Blac wants to go after full custody of Dream is just hilarious," another source tells Radar, concluding:

"She would obviously never allow that to happen. Kris’s lawyers are way too powerful!”

Considering Rob does have a history of drug use... and isn't married to Chyna... and isn't the child's mother... then they better be.

Because Rob doesn't exactly have a strong case here.

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