Ben Seewald Slams The Shack: Why Is He Flipping Out Over a Movie?

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There was a time when Ben Seewald was credited with being the most progressive-minded member of the Duggar clan.

Ben has expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and he generally takes a more inclusive and justice-minded approach to social issues.

But at the end of the day, Ben relies on his wife's famous family for financial support, which may be why he's joined his in-laws in taking a hard-line stance against a movie you've probably never heard of:

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Family Photo

The film is called The Shack, and apparently, it's got the evangelical community in an uproar over what some see as a blasphemous portrayal of one man's relationship with God.

The Shack stars Octavia Spencer (?!) as an otherworldly being named Papa (?!?!) who helps a grieving father cope with the murder of his daughter.

Predictably, the film is being roasted to a crisp by critics and widely ignored by audiences, but there's a select group that's ready to arm themselves with torches and pitchforks and storm your local Regal Cinema, and it seems Ben Seewald is their unlikely leader.

You would expect an uproar over Octavia Spencer's career choices (Does she know she won an Oscar?), but it turns out the furor is rooted in some sort of theological dispute.

Octavia Spencer in The Shack

You see, The Shack argues that all good people will be rewarded in the afterlife regardless of the specifics of their religious beliefs - a notion first set forth in the 1989 ecclesiastical allegory All Dogs Go to Heaven.

Okay, we might have made that last part up, but the fact is, Ben and his band of crusaders are of the belief that the God of The Shack is too forgiving, too merciful, too ... Christlike.

You'd think an unemployed father of two would mostly be busy scouring the want ads, but it seems Ben has time to get all fired up about a movie.

Yesterday, Seewald posted this takedown of The Shack on his Instagram page:

He also linked to an article with a six-point anti-Shack argument because 2017 is officially the most ridiculous timeline.

The piece argues that the "the God portrayed in The Shack seems casual and unconcerned with holiness, which is inconsistent with what we see in the Bible."

We have no intention of ever seeing this movie, but based on that description, we're guessing God is portrayed a bearded and heavily stoned Jeff Bridges.

Anyway, it doesn't sound like this movie is causing anyone any harm, so why is Ben so worked up?

Ben Seewald and Meredith Duggar

Well, if you've heard the recent rumors about Seewald's net worth, you know that the dude may soon find himself in dire need of cash.

Ben doesn't have a job, and in fact, he's never been employed in his adult life.

Right now, he seems focused on making a career for himself as a preacher, which can be a lucrative profession if one builds a large enough following.

These days, of course, the easiest way to do that is to spew hot takes on social media.

As far as we can tell, that's why Ben's taking the firmest anti-Shack stance since Kobe Bryant circa 1997. Zing!

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