The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: I Am Negan

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If you were wondering what the heck Eugene was getting up to at the Sanctuary, tonight's episode was the one you were looking for. 

Going up against the 89th Annual Academy Awards is no easy task, but The Walking Dead is one of the only shows that can do so with minimal effect on its ratings. 

Negan is Back!

When The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 11 got underway, Eugene had just arrived at his new home: The Sanctuary. 

He was the same pathetic man who has been present on the hit AMC series since Season 4. He cowered at the very thought of Negan addressing him. 

He was led to his new home by one of Negan's female associates. He opened a door and prepared to die, but he was given a bedroom, complete with cooking facilities and video games. 

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you will already know that Negan is not the type of person to extend an olive branch. In fact, he's the kind of guy who would bash your brains out without a second thought. 

Eugene quickly learned that he was no a prisoner and was offered everything under the sun, but his request of lobster for his meal was declined. 

Seriously, where would you get lobster when the world has turned to crap? Negan offered up his wives to Eugene to help make him feel more at ease. 

However, the boss man warned the new addition to the team that there would be zero sexual activity between him and the wives. 

At the dinner party, Eugene was playing Pac-Man, but Frankie was not impressed with the events and opted to get drunk on the bed. 

The other two wives looked embarrassed, but you could tell they wanted to learn things from Eugene. That paved the way for Eugene to create a fake bomb. 

Some time later, two of the wives reappeared and ordered Eugene to create a pill to kill Frankie because she could not deal with her life.

Eugene battled with what it would mean to kill someone, but he eventually decided to help them out. 

This involved causing a scene to get medication. He immediately began to realize how much Negan valued him, so he skipped a lengthy line and threatened the woman to let him take what he wanted. 

The woman scoffed at him, but she changed her stance when she realized he was there on Negan's orders and she let him take whatever he wanted from her. 

It just goes to show how people change when they get a sniff of power. Eugene was doing everything he could to rise up the ranks. Hey, he's in a better situation with Negan than he ever was with Rick, so it all makes sense. 

While all of this drama was going down, Dwight went on a mission to bring Sherry back to the Sanctuary. Negan blamed her for letting Daryl escape. 

Dwight arrived at the home he once lived in with Sherry, but all he found was a tragic note.. The note said that she did not like what she turned Dwight into. 

She moved on with her life and hoped that Dwight would be able to do the same. 

Dwight returned to the Sanctuary and claimed that he murdered Sherry in cold blood, but said that she was not the one who let Daryl out. 

Plot twist: She did, but Dwight decided to take the Doctor out of the equation. He slipped Sherry's signature into his drawer as though she had sent the doctor a parting letter. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

Negan quickly dispatched of the doctor because he had a new one in Eugene. 

Eugene then turned to the wives and told him there was no way he would hand over the lethal pills because he knew they were using them on Negan. 

Later, Negan appeared and told him not to be scared; he was one of them. Eugene then revealed that he has always been Negan, but wanted to meet him to confirm that. 

Pretty crazy. Right?!

What will Rick and his group say when they find out about this betrayal?

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