The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: New Best Friends

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Is Rick Grimes the luckiest person alive?

It certainly seemed that way on The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10 when he continued to round up people to fight for his cause against the brutes known as The Saviors. 

Rick's storyline kicked off pretty much where we left off last week. Rick and his people were surrounded by a new group. The powers that be were not lying when they claimed they were expanding the world. 

There have been so many new groups throughout The Walking Dead Season 7 that it's getting pretty difficult to keep track of it. If you watch The Walking Dead online, you're probably enjoying it. 

The series has suffered over past few seasons with a lack of consistent pacing and storytelling, so it's surprising that Season 7B is off to such a strong start. 

Rick tried to reason with these new people, who laughed off the idea of going to war. However, the leader -- known as Jadis, pulled Rick aside and asked for some more details. 

Rick Grimes Is On An Empty Road - The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9

It was evident she did not want to agree to war straight off the bat, or her people would have questioned her leadership. Yes, Rick would know a lot about that and could probably take some leadership training from his new best friend. 

Jadis was eager to find out whether Rick was worthy of her time, so she threw him into a pit of garbage with a walker who had a little too much protection.

Rick struggled to get his bearings because he was so shocked by all of it, but thanks to Michonne shouting through a pipe at him, he managed to eke out a victory. 

Who would have guessed you could use garbage to take down one of the most protected walkers in the history of walkers? Not us. Unfortunately for Rick, the scuffle resulted in him getting a huge hole in his hand. 

But, he did manage to prove himself to this new community, and they agreed to go to war if Rick was kind enough to get them some weapons. 

Considering the way Rick said they could win the war, Jadis probably knew he was talking crap. It would not be surprising if Jadis double-crossed them at the last second. 

Yes, she needs guns, but is she prepared to throw her group into a war that will signal the loss of most of her people? I think not. 

Jadis is one of the more intriguing characters this time around. She built a strong rapport with Rick and did not seem to care that Gabriel almost killed one of her people. Maybe she's smarter than she looks. 

Elsewhere, The Saviors appeared at The Kingdom to pick up their latest shipment, but Richard was still having issues with one of them and the pair fought it out. 

However, they were told to quit it, but this just fueled Richard's appetite for murdering some Saviors. He reeled Daryl in on a plan to to kill some and send the villains Carol's way.

Carol Is Not Impressed

But Daryl had no idea Carol was living in such close quarters and battled with Richard to stop his crazy plan before it went too far. The pair fought, with Daryl eking out a victory.

Ezekiel and his men then dropped off some cobbler to Carol, who did not want anyone near her. Just as she sat down to enjoy her book (at a window!) her door was knocked again.

This time, however, it was her old pal, Daryl. It made for a heartbreaking reunion. Daryl felt the need to lie about Glenn, Spencer, Olivia and Abraham being murdered by Negan.

This was down to the fact that Carol was already hurting because of the way she had acted in the past. They shared dinner and Daryl returned to the Kingdom.

There was something ominous going on, however. Daryl was getting a little too close for comfort to the lion and she seemed to be obeying him.

Does Daryl have an untold story of working in a zoo, or something?

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Either way, Daryl made his getaway from the Kingdom with the intention of returning to the hilltop. Would he really steal the lion for the war?

That's not out of the question.

What did you think of the episode?

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