Rihanna: Having Revenge Sex with Hot Male Models!

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The Internet remains confounded over the status of Drake and Jennifer Lopez.

Are they actually a couple? Are they faking their romance for the sake of publicity?

It's unclear, but either option reportedly has left Rihanna angry and jealous.

But rather than sit at home and stew over hurt feelings, the singer has apparently found a much more fun way to bounce back from her relationship with Drake.

Rihanna Sits at Grammys

And that much more fun way goes something like that:

Get it on with every hot guy she can find!

According to an anonymous OK! Weekly insider, “this is pretty much Rihanna’s playbook" any time she ends a romance.

"She has fun with the boys in her videos or photo shoots, but casual hookups are as far as it goes,” claims this source, who really makes us wish we had chosen a different vocation.

If we had worked hard enough to become a successful dancer or model and therefore earned a spot in one of Rihanna's videos... we could be having sex with her right now!

Darn it!

Rihanna is Gorgeous

This same tabloid report alleges that the hookups may be relaxed and they may not lead to anything serious or long-term.

But that doesn't mean they don't last long!

“She went home with one of the guys on her last photo shoot [for Harper’s Bazaar] and no one heard from him for days,” writes the magazine.

Yes, days.

In a word? GULP.

We're basically talking about every guy's dream scenario here.

You get to have a lot of sex with Rihanna (and, let's face it, doesn't it seem like she'd be VERY good at sex?) without a single string being attached to said banging.

“Riri has no interest in the dramas and demands of a relationship,” the insider explains. “She much prefers to keep people at a distance these days.”

Well, figuratively speaking.

One obviously cannot be at too much of a distance in the physical sense if one is inserting one's penis into the singer's vagina.

Rihanna attends 2017 Grammy Awards

Rihanna has kept mostly quiet over the past few months.

She sizzled on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards, as evidenced by all three Rihanna photos above, but she hasn't released any new music or made too many headlines for any noteworthy reason.

And perhaps now we know why.

She's been very busy at home, getting busy with models and dancers.

When you're one of the Sexiest Women Alive - as dubbed by Esquire and every man with a pulse - you can have this luxury at pretty much any time.

Way to go, Riri. You keep doing you, girl.

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