Ray J SLAMS Kim Kardashian and Her Family: They Don't Scare Me!

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Don't know if you've noticed, but Ray J has been doing this thing lately where he keeps talking about Kim Kardashian and the relationship they had all those years ago.

And by "lately," we mean "for the past ten years."

Ray J in a Tuxedo

But for whatever reason, he's really been kicking it into overdrive lately, talking about her at any possibly opportunity.

Maybe he's just feeling a little lonely and desperate for attention. We know, we know, that doesn't sound like Ray J, but what else could be going on with him?

Why else would he be so intent on going after Kim, her famous family, and her marriage?

Whatever's going on with him, he doesn't seem to be willing to stop anytime soon.

In a new interview with Radar, he said that the Kardashians "don't scare me."

Ray J Selfie Alert

"Even if they did call" to tell him to hush, he says "it wouldn't matter. There's nothing they could do or say to me to get me to do anything I don't want to do."

Boy, how tough you are, Ray J. Talking trash about a much more famous woman you dated over a decade ago. How very impressive.

And to further prove his ... what is this, his courage? His kindness? His desperation? Well, to prove it, he put aside his issues with Kanye West to say some nice words about the Kimye marriage.

"I wish them both luck," he says. "It's not always going to be easy when you're married -- they'll have good times and bad times."

Up Close with Ray J

"Anyone who's married just needs to stick with it and fight it out."

But the nice-ishness didn't last for two long -- when asked about the divorce rumors and if he thought they'd make it, he responded with "Um, nah."

"I wouldn't bet on them like that," he says.

OK, to address that first bit, the part where he says that the Kardashians don't scare him?

Maybe they should.

Kim and Ray J

He's been pushing his luck lately, we'd imagine -- just last week, he claimed that Kris Jenner "was totally involved in arranging the sale of Kim's tape."

Then, earlier last month, he called Kim a "player," and he said that she cheated on him during their relationship.

On top of all that, he continues to promote their famous sex tape, something she's repeatedly said she'd like to put behind her. Figuratively, of course, not literally, like ... never mind.

And to address that second part about Kim's marriage?

Ray J Poses

Who the hell is Ray J to stand up on a high horse about marriage? He's been married for a few months to a woman named Princess Love, we wouldn't exactly call him an expert.

But sure, Ray J, keep right on running your mouth. If you haven't stopped yet, goodness knows you never will.

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