Mama June: Sugar Bear is a Bad Father to Honey Boo Boo!

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Mama June has a lot going on in her life, what with her new reality show and trying to get people to forget that her last reality show was canceled because she started dating a convicted child molester.

A convicted child molester that molested her child.

June Shannon at GLAAD Awards

She's also got the lovely Alana Thompson, our beloved Honey Boo Boo Child, to raise, she's got that big makeover to maintain.

It's a lot to keep up with, but June is managing.

And she's even been able to set aside some time to throw all sorts of shade at her ex, Sugar Bear, and his new wife!

As you surely recall -- the heart never forgets, does it? -- Mama June and Sugar Bear officially broke up in 2015, though they tried to salvage their relationship several times.

Unfortunately, things were too broken between them, what with Sugar Bear's wandering penis and Mama June's desire to date child molesters.

Sugar Bear and Shannon

And somewhere in all their attempts at reconciliation, Sugar Bear met a woman named Jennifer Lamb.

They dated for nine months, got engaged, waited a few more months, then went and got hitched.

It's a sweet story -- or as sweet a story as you can expect with these people -- but Mama June's not happy about it.

And she did a whole interview just filled to the brim with pettiness.

It seems like Sugar Bear isn't spending much time with Honey Boo Boo, or at least he's not doing his part in co-parenting her.

As Mama June tells it, "Sugar Bear is making his own decisions and he's making his own bed, and he's going to have to answer to his actions later on with Alana!"

Mama June and Sugar Bear Picture

While it would definitely be all sorts of terrible if Sugar Bear really is neglecting his parenting duties, we're going to have to take what June is saying here with a grain of salt.

And that's because she actually thought it was appropriate to discuss Sugar Bear's new wife's weight.

"I'm just gonna say, she is his type of woman," she said of Jennifer Lamb -- or, as the interviewer described it, she "sniffed."

"Let's put it that way. Being bigger. Just everything. He likes bigger girls, like bigger in weight."

... For real?

We know that June's whole gimmick these days is losing weight, but why even bring that up? Especially when she's been a "bigger girl" for most of her life.

Mama June Shannon Weight Loss Photo

And then, when asked if she missed Sugar Bear at all, she laughed and said "Hell no!"

We'd believe that she doesn't miss him, but is she completely over him?

Well, if she's giving interviews specifically about him, dragging his new wife and acting like a jilted preteen, we're going to have to go ahead and say no.

"Hell no," even.

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