Leah Messer: SLAMMED For "Disturbing" Photo of Daughter

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There's nothing new about Teen Mom 2 fans criticizing Leah Messer's parenting skills.

The jabs have been near-constant from the time Leah started on the show, and they've only intensified over the past two seasons.

But while the critiques are usually prompted by Leah's actions on screen, the latest round of rebukes was prompted by a post on her Instagram page:

Aleeah Sims Photo

Leah posted the above photo of 7-year-old twin daughters Ali and Aleeah, and because some people still have leftover rage to vent after they're through arguing politics on Facebook, Messer was torn apart for allowing Ali to wear so much makeup.

"Something about little girls wearing makeup that is really disturbing and unsettling to me," wrote one commenter.

"They [are] too young [to] be wearing that much makeup," echoed another.

Some irate Brit (we're assuming, based on the use of the word "bloody") took things a step further, going so far as to call the image "vile":

Leah Messer: Daughter Cheerleading Photo

"All that makeup is vile," wrote the probable Brexit supporter.

"I understand they put a bit on for performances, I don't agree with it, but I get it, but bloody hell this is too much."

Yes, we're probably about a week away from changing our currency over to rubles, but people still have enough outrage left over to get all worked up over a young girl wearing makeup for a cheer competition.

Fortunately, Leah still has plenty of supporters, several of whom clapped back at the critics on her behalf:

Leah and Her Girls

"It's competitive cheer you have to have that much make up so the judges can see you," wrote one fan.

"There are so many lights on you while your competing that it washes you out."

Others pointed out that some folks were so busy fuming over Aleeah's makeup that they missed the really important thing about these photos.

Leah's other twin, Ali, has muscular dystrophy and might eventually be confined to a wheelchair.

She has difficulty walking, much less competing in cheerleading competitions, and yet there she is in the first photo, smiling by her sister's side.

Leah Messer Daughter with Cheerleading Coach

The fact that Leah seems to be doing a fine job of making all three of her daughters feel sully supported and uniquely special given the number of challenges the family has faced is something of a small miracle.

We're gonna go out on a limb and say her daughters' smiles are a better indication of her parenting ability than the amount of makeup on their faces. 

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to see Leah do her best under extremely difficult circumstances.

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