Kim Kardashian Got More Work Done: What Did She Have "Fixed" Now?

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The question of just how much plastic surgery Kim Kardashian has undergone remains a popular one.

Like all her sisters, Kim cops to having minor work done, (Botox, lip fillers, etc.), but claims she's never gone under the knife for any sort of implants or facial restructuring.

(Or at least she deflects when she's asked about such procedures.)

Kim Kardashian: Look at My Waist

Most fans seem convinced that Kim had a nose job, and many others feel she's had even more done, but since Kim's not talking, it will likely remain a mystery.

Anyway, that doesn't mean Kim feels that cosmetic procedures are anything to be ashamed of.

Ever since she gave birth to Saint West back in 2015, Kim has been open about her desire to have her stretch marks treated.

Over the weekend, she finally went under the laser, and she shared the news with fans as Snapchat space mammal because we live in very strange times:

"I feel so excited that I finally did it," Kim says in the clip above.

"I've been so scared to do it, like it hurts so badly, and it didn't hurt that badly. So I'm so grateful and I'm so excited. I love you, Dr. Ourian!"

If you're considering such a procedure yourself, be advised that it's apparently pretty painful.

Oh, and it'll set you back a cool 5 grand "per area."

Woodland Creature Kim explained more in additional Snaps:

Kim Kardashian Buttocks Shot

"So I'm spending my Saturday with Dr. Ourian and it f--king kills. Aaaah! But it will be worth it," she explains to the fans who aren't so completely freaked out by the idea of getting medical advice from a shrill cartoon character that they immediately exed out of the video.

"You guys, I never thought I could love someone and hate someone so much at the same time," she added.

"If anyone who had babies understands what it does to your belly button...then you really understand how much you need Dr. Ourian to tighten [the skin] around your belly button so that it can look back to normal."

Yes, a grown woman with animal ears and a squeaky voice is advising you on look "normal."

2017 is officially a really bad episode of Black Mirror.

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