Kate Upton Sizzles on THREE Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Covers

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As it turns out, being a cold-hearted, whiny, self-centered brat can really pay off.

Just ask Kate Upton.

We kid, but the ridiculously gorgeous model has landed her third Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covers just days after reports surfaced that she threw some major fits unless she was given this honor.

We cannot confirm those allegations, but we can take a look at the trio of photos below and confirm the following...

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Pic

... Kate Upton is very, very good looking.

That's right, we said TRIO of photos.

Upton is featured on three different covers for the annual, bikini-themed issue... and she's not even wearing a top for two of them!

The theme of this year’s special issue centers on body diversity and age inclusion, something that was vital to Sports Illustrated editor MJ Day.

Upton told the magazine that this theme also influenced her decision to strip way down for the publication once again.

“To have an issue that focuses on that is really an amazing moment for me because I think it’s important for everyone to be the best they can be, but not to strive to be a company or industry’s idea of perfect,” Upton tells Sports Illustrated.

She adds:

“For SI to emphasize every different type of perfect is really inspiring. Those are the campaigns I want to do and the career I want to have - to inspire women to love themselves.”

Well said.

With these Kate Upton pictures, the 24-year old probably also inspired quite a few men out there to buy new boxes of tissues. If you get out masturbatory drift.

Kate Upton SI Cover

Upton is engaged to the luckiest person on the face of the planet Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

She's been outspoken in the past about Verlander's body of baseball work, but she talked in this case to Sports Illustrated about the amazing body that she so often puts to work.

“This year, I had a completely different mindset about my body and instead of always trying to fit in a certain sample size, I wanted to be strong and healthy,” she explains.

“Changing my workout and focusing on weight training helped me do that. It helped me think about my body as a machine and less of something people can judge me on.

"People feel ashamed when they look bad one day, but it’s okay not to love yourself every second of every day. Appreciate what your body can do.”

Upton really need not worry one bit about this problem.

It's safe to assume that plenty of people out there appreciate everything her body can do.

Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Cover

Along with Upton, those featured in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition include Hannah Davis, who posed while pregnant with Derek Jeter's baby.

And Christie Brinkley, who came out of retirement to pose alongside her daughters.

Christie Brinkley, Daughter

Those two had received a lot of attention of the past week or so for their gorgeous pictorials, but Upton is the one making every headline today.

"Wow, so honored and excited to be back with @SI_Swimsuit in an issue that celebrates beauty and confidence in all shapes & sizes," she Tweeted last night upon revealing these trio of covers.

And to those who may complain about Upton - who was named Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year in 2011 - nabbing her third Swimsuit Edition cover in just six years, we direct you to the following gallery of photos.

Take a close look at them:

And now ask yourself:

Why would anyone but Kate Upton ever be featured on these covers?!?

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