Kanye West Suffered Near-Total Memory Loss After Breakdown: Report

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Back in November, Kanye West was hospitalized after suffering an emotional breakdown.

Little is known about the rapper's recovery process, other than the fact that he spent more than two weeks receiving in-patient care at an LA hospital and that he and Kim Kardashian lived in separate homes after his release.

These days, Kim and Kanye are cohabiting once again, but it seems Kanye's  treatment process is far from over.

Death Stare from Kanye

West was not in attendance at the 2017 Grammy Awards on Sunday night, but his protege, Malik Yusef, attended on his behalf.

During a candid red carpet interview, Yusef opened up about West's condition and made the startling revelation that the music icon is struggling with profound memory loss:

“His memory is coming back, which is super good. He’s healing,” Yusuf said.

“He’s spending time with his family. Saint is big and he’s walking and playing with toys, so that invigorates him,” Yusuf added.

Kanye West Rants at the VMAs

Kanye canceled his Saint Pablo tour shortly before his breakdown, and his protege and collaborator says fans shouldn't hold out hope for new music any time soon.

“He's not working, just going through processes," Yusuf says.

So the good news it: Kanye is on the mend.

The bad news is that it sounds as though he's at the beginning of a long and difficult healing process.

Kanye Feels Up Kim

Back in Kanye expressed support for Donald Trump, which is a recognized symptom of severe mental illness.

Just kidding, Trumpers!

West has since dialed back his endorsement of the president, deleting all tweets mentioning Trump's name and stating that he in no way supports Trump's controversial Muslim ban.

If nothing else, the fact that he's back on the same political page as his wife and in-laws has gotta be making life a lot easier at home.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Sultry Look 2015 Met Gala

Clearly, there's no telling when Kanye might be back to his old, prolific self, but regardless of your feelings about him, the man's commitment to his art is unparalleled.

Hopefully, he'll soon be able to incorporate his creative process into his healing.

The raw, confessional nature of Kanye's music has always been one of the things that sets him apart from other mainstream hip hop artists, and after all that he's been through, we may be in store for his most emotionally honest work to date.

We're looking forward to it - but we're also encouraging Kanye to take his time and put his emotional health first.

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