Kailyn Lowry: Pregnant With Javi Marroquin's Baby?!

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It's always tough to keep track of what's going on in with Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin, but especially so lately.

When they first split up, Kail and Javi seemed committed to amicable co-parenting. That was good while it lasted, which wasn't long.

Kailyn Lowry with Javi Marroquin Photo

Unfortunately, they eventually became wrapped up in the drama of a high-profile divorce and began taking shots at one another on social media.

Most recently, they exchanged fire over allegations that Javi caught Kailyn with another man after she'd lied and told him she was at Wal-Mart.

Kailyn claimed the incident was overblown, while Javi insisted that she lied because she knew her new boyfriend was someone he didn't like.

Fans began to suspect that both were being evasive and keeping something to themselves, and it's hard to fault them for that assumption.

After all, it seemed a bit strange that a divorced couple would engage in such a public spat over one of them getting involved with someone new.

There was even more to it than that, too ...

Kailyn and Javi Working Out

Couple that with Kailyn's refusal to film new Teen Mom 2 scenes until producers promised to keep certain recent life events private?

It's easy to see why fans were suspicious.

One of the rumors flying around social media was particularly salacious - it held that Kailyn was pregnant with Javi's baby.

Yes, right now. A tough one to believe.

It spread like wildfire nonetheless (hey, we are living in the age of "fake news" and "alternative facts") to the point where Lowry commented.

Mother of two Kailyn addressed the rumors in a recent interview with the Real Mr. Housewife website. Is she expecting a third baby?

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Not surprisingly, she says it's 100% BS:

“LMAO,” she said in an email interview.

“That is 100 percent not true.”

That's about what we expected, but the fact remains that there are some very puzzling aspects to Kailyn and Javi's relationship.

Obviously, they're bound for life by the fact that they have a son together, Lincoln, but that's not where their focus seems to be.

Generally, Marroquin and Lowry seem far more preoccupied with one another's personal lives than most divorced couples.

Javi and Kailyn

Since their split, both parties have begun dating again, and in both cases, the other party became openly upset about it.

Remember Kailyn throwing shade at Cassie Bucka?

We're glad that they're trying to keep the divorce amicable for the sake of their kid, but how amicable is it really these days?

Saying it doesn't make it so. Perhaps they should spend some time apart, only interacting for the sake of their parenting.

As long as these two insecure people so deeply involved in one another's love lives, the drama will remain unavoidable.

Just some food for thought; you can watch Teen Mom 2 online to see Kailyn and Javi in happier, then unhappier times.

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