Kailyn Lowry Pregnant? Teen Mom 2 Fans STILL Convinced She's Knocked Up Again

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Kailyn Lowry has denied that she’s pregnant, but the Teen Mom 2 star's fans are convinced that she's knocked up again just the same.

Where they come up with this - or why they're so sure about it despite the fact that Kailyn denied that she's pregnant - is strange, but ...

Kailyn on Insta

Rampant speculation about her romantic life, along with some recent photos, have led Teen Mom 2 fans to wonder if Kailyn is pregnant.

This would be her third child, if it were somehow reality.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know she and Javi Marroquin have been going through a lot, but another baby? Seriously? No.

Lowry's fuller figure on the Teen Mom 2 after show, as well as pictures like the one above, have fueled speculation ... somewhat incredibly.

Yes, she occasionally wears loose-fitting shirts and black pants, but does that automatically translate to a baby bump being disguised?

Apparently so, if you read her Instagram comments.

Kailyn on Teen Mom 2 Photo

“Anyone else think Kail looks pregnant?” one said.

“Why does Kail look pregnant?” another asked.

A third: “Dude Kail looks pregnant!”

To be fair, the rumors of Lowry pregnant with Javi's child kicked off thanks to a doctored image of her with a positive pregnancy test.

The MTV star denied the claims at the time, of course, only to be accused of rocking a possible baby bump after last week’s after show.

Again, she was asked by Radar, and again, the answer was “No.” Not a whole lot of room for cryptic interpretation there, is there fans?

A rep for the mother of two also denied the speculation by saying that the photo of the test, like the rumor itself, is “completely fabricated.”

Kailyn Selfie

In truth, it's hard to see where this comes from.

Kailyn Lowry - and we don't mean this as a criticism in any way - was never rail thin to begin with, and has had two kids at this point.

If you're expecting her to have zero percent body fat and not "look" pregnant in some alternate universe, well, you likely won't find that.

And in spite of that, would you see the image above and simply assume you were looking at a young woman who was recently impregnated?

Of course not, but this is Kail, and Javi too.

To be fair to the Instagram sleuths, her personal life does invite some degree of fascination, especially given her drama with Marroquin.

When Lowry’s ex-husband caught her with another man in their home days after his return from deployment, s--t hit the fan, and HARD.

Kailyn Lowry From the Back

“I texted her and said can I drop Lincoln off and she was like, ‘I’m at Walmart right now come in an hour,'” Marroquin said on the episode.

“We pull up earlier since Kail’s car as there and we see another car. I knock on the door, Lincoln goes in and I said, ‘Let me get my stuff.'"

"And she won’t let me in," Javi recalled of that surreal moment. "I’m like, 'I’m not leaving my son with another dude here' ... not happening.”

An insider close to Lowry confirmed that she is still dating the mystery man, as she has alluded to on Twitter with some cryptic comments.

So is the fake baby Javi's or this guy's?!

Bottom line: Kailyn may not be with child, but when it comes to the rumor mill, don't hold your breath for a pregnant pause (so to speak).

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