Kailyn Lowry: Does She Want to Get Back with Javi Marroquin?!

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It's been nothing but scandals for Kailyn Lowry lately, huh?

We thought things were bad with all the divorce drama, but then she went and dropped that "I'm pregnant" bombshell, and who can even sort all this out?

It's hard to know where to begin with all this, especially with the new statements Kailyn has made. We'll get to those in a moment, but for now, let's break down the facts we have so far.

Kailyn Selfie

Kailyn has said that she's about halfway through her second trimester, which would make her roughly 20 weeks along. That means she likely conceived last September.

The most recent episodes of Teen Mom 2 were filmed around the same time -- meaning that right around the time that Kailyn got pregnant, she was having all those nasty fights with Javi.

Taking that into consideration, along with all that shade Javi threw out into the universe after Kailyn made the pregnancy announcement, it's probably safe to say that he's not the father of this new kid.

Also, yesterday Javi tweeted "Lolol no babies for me anytime soon," so there's that.

Kailyn Lowry with Javi Marroquin Photo

But even though Kailyn and Javi haven't been getting along lately, and even though she's expecting a baby with someone who in all likelihood isn't Javi, could she be rethinking that divorce?

It's very, very possible.

See, Kailyn has been getting a whole mess of hate after announcing the pregnancy.

Seriously, just so. Much. Hate.

Someone tweeted a "Team Javi" hashtag at her, and this is how she responded:

"Too bad there shouldn't be teams ... unless it's teamisaacandlincoln. Javi & I will hopefully be united one day."

Kailyn Lowry with Kids

Does she want them to "be united" as a parenting team? Or "be united" as something more?

As we've seen this season on Teen Mom 2, Kailyn's gone back and forth on her feelings about Javi ever since he returned home from his deployment.

For a while there, it sounded like she wasn't sure whether or not she wanted a divorce.

It's entirely possible that she still has feelings for Javi. Those pregnancy hormones could make her be feeling all these feelings as well.

Kailyn, Lincoln and Isaac

But, then again, when someone tweeted that Kailyn "left Javi because she didn't want any more babies and is now knocked up with her third kid by a randomer," along with that tell-tale frog emoji and tea emoji combo.

Kailyn responded with "That's not why I left boo," insinuating that she's the one who decided to divorce Javi, and that she had a good reason to do so.

See what we mean about all the scandals now?

And we have a feeling they won't be coming to an end anytime soon.

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