Joseline Hernandez: Is She a Lesbian Now?!?

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Joseline Hernandez is actually getting along well with Stevie J these days.

The reality star and her new baby daddy have seemingly squashed their beef, just a few weeks after Hernandez gave birth to a little girl sired by her occasional lover.

But while Hernandez is now on decent terms with Stevie, that's apparently nothing compared to the terms she's on with a possible new love interest in her love.

A possible FEMALE new love interest, we should definitely say.

Joseline Hernandez on The Real

The Love & Hip Hop star herself shared a photo on Instagram this week that depicts her holding the hand of an unidentified member of the same sex.

The picture was snapped at an event in Atlanta that Hollywood Life has simply referred to as a "paid appearance" by Joseline.

But she wasn't paid to hold this woman's hand and speculation is now running rampant over what it all means.

According to Media Take Out sources, Hernandez and this woman “held hands and snuggled together for a good part of the evening."

This same insider says Joseline has "given up" on men and wants to see if she'll be satisfied (physically, emotionally, etc.) by a female.

Joseline Hernandez and a Woman

Interesting, right? Sort of arousing, no?

Joseline and Stevie J, of course, have been engaged in one of the more contentious relationships we've ever witnessed between two celebrities.

That's saying a lot, we know, but consider:

Hernandez once referred to Stevie as a dead beat child molester.

Stevie once said that Joseline is a drug addict who was using while pregnant and who is clinically bonkers.

Joseline (at least) once attacked Stevie, prompting her ex to call the police.

The two have been through so much that we can understand why Hernandez may simply think she'd be better off in the arms of a woman.

Joseline Hernandez as Guest Host

Joseline also gave birth to a daughter on December 28.

Her name is Bonnie and she's really cute.

So Hernandez doesn't really need a man any longer. She got Stevie's sperm. She got a baby out of that whole ordeal. Perhaps she's thinking that there's no reason to deal with all the baggage that men can bring to relationships.

Speaking to TMZ about a week after his baby was born, Stevie sounded very much like someone who wants to bury the hatchet with his ex-girlfriend.

“I just want to be a good father, and I want her [Joseline] to be a great mother,” he said, adding that he and Joseline just “gotta come together and be the best parents we can.”

Sounds like he has the right idea, doesn't it?

And it looks like Joseline has no interest in continuing their battle anyhow.

She's moved on to bigger and better, and bustier, things.

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