Counting On Recap: The Tamest Bachelor Party in Human Civilization

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The gender of Jessa and Ben's second baby was addressed on Counting On Season 2 Episode 17, but of course, we didn't hear about it.

Ben and Jessa finally got the news they were looking for, but didn't share it with fans ... however, we can tell you with certainty anyway:

Jessa Duggar gave birth to a boy. Yesterday!

If you watch Counting On online, you know Jessa and Ben are loving teasing their pregnancy while not actually giving any details away.

Case in point? Ben and Jessa decided they were going to keep the gender secret from everyone ... well every one of their fans, anyway.

Jana and Joy got to find out! Lucky!

This was a pretty big show of trust, but on the flip side, what are they going to do, blab about it on non-pre-screened Instagram accounts?

In all seriousness, Jessa joked that they want to keep the gender a secret "because we like to torture people," but really it's just personal.

"Whenever you actually get to see the baby for the first time, it just blows you away," Jessa said regarding the sonogram appointment.

They kicked the camera crew out before the tech revealed the gender, but again, Jessa gave birth to a boy before this episode aired.

Note to the Duggars: When your claim to reality TV fame is babies and pregnancies, you might want to manage the reveals a bit better.

Just some food for thought there.

It's not like you can count on Jeremy Vuolo's bachelor party for ratings. He and his friends decided to partake in an escape room challenge.

Yep. With Jinger Duggar, no less.

Putting a group of people in a room with hidden clues to see if they can "escape" before "time runs out" is a fun night, don't get us wrong.

As a bachelor party, though?

"As part of personal conviction, my family doesn't drink alcohol or dance," Jessa revealed, as if we were somehow new to the Duggars.

"We have tons of fun in other ways."

The guys and girls (who split up in teams, because you don't want couples sneaking off un-chaperoned) were equally bad at the mission.

Fortunately, this wasn't Naked and Afraid (though we would love to see how the Duggars handled those circumstances) so no one died.

The guys went golfing later, where Ben shot a 21 in one hole, while the cratfy girls made jewelry to wear during the upcoming ceremony.

The excitement never stops.

In a short segment, Jill and Derick Dillard reminded us that they are also pregnant, and that their second baby would be another boy. 

Then it was more of the bachelor party, where Jinger discussed her upcoming first kiss, and her sisters shared their respective memories.

Like Jill (but not Jessa), Jinger was prepared to do so in public, and while she worried that it might be a little "awkward," she was excited.

Perhaps that talk of Jinger Duggar breaking courtship rules was overblown. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth on the other hand ...

Jessa lamented Jinger's wedding, not because of courtship rules, bit because she would be packing up and moving to Texas afterward.

Jinger Duggar the Bride

"That's going to be really, really tough for me," Jessa said, and it hard to blame her for being sad, living 12 hours away from her BFF.

On a different note, Derick Dillard was the mascot, Pistol Pete, at OSU (they're the Oklahoma State Cowboys), like his father before him.

Taking a trip down memory lane in Stillwater, Ok., he took his mom, Jill and Israel around the campus, showing us all of his old haunts.

Later, he donned the Pistol Pete costume one last time and headed out to entertain the fans, and we have to say, Der's alter ego is fun.

For Derick's mom, it was emotional, remembering her own times there, like carving her initials with her late husband's into wet pavement.

Derick Dillard Father Photo

OSU was also where she arrived at Derick's dorm room unannounced to tell him his father had died of a heart attack when Der was 18.

As we saw Israel knocking on the door of Derick's old dorm room at the end of the night, his mom noted that they had come "full circle."

Indeed, and in a way, it's a beautiful thing.

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