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Might the most scandalous love triangle in reality TV history finally be a thing of the past?

Yes, if one reads properly between Tara Wallace’s social media lines.

The Love & Hip Hop star shared an inspirational quote on her Instagram page this week, one that seemingly makes a reference to her long-time, contentious, flat-out strange relationship with Peter Gunz.

Tara Wallace Selfie

“The world isn’t filled with ‘haters’ and ‘toxic people.’ It’s filled with people who are hurting and trying, ineffectively, to give themselves relief,” reads the quote, originally uttered by someone named Lori Deschene.

Wallace took a screenshot of the motivational words, which conclude as follows:

“So distance yourself if you must, but try to do it with empathy, not judgment.

"The only cure for “haters” is love, so try to show more kindness than they showed you. This is how we can slowly make the world a more loving place."

Tara Wallace quote

Wallace and Gunz have been romantically linked for over 16 years.

The Z-Listers started dating way back in 2000 and share three kids together: a seven-year old son named Jamison; a four-year old son named Kaz; and an 11-month old son named Gunner.

The two joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York in 2013, at which time Peter’s affair with Amina Buddafly was revealed.

But this was more than an affair: Peter and Amina actually got married!

And yet… Peter and Tara kept having a lot of sex, despite the latter being very well aware that her boyfriend was now wed to someone else.

The ridiculous pair of romances came to a public and shocking head last year when both Wallace and Buddalfy got pregnant with Peter’s kids. At the same time.

Tara Wallace Photo

Tara gave birth to Gunner last February and Amina gave birth to daughter Bronx last August.

"No matter what the circumstances were and are, I now feel happy to be expecting again and even happier to know I have the best baby daddy I could ask for," wrote Amina at the time, referring to Gunz, of course, and adding:

"@petergunz174 I love you 4ever and I will never be scared to show or say it because of people."

Shortly after Bronx entered the world and this message went viral, however, Peter went back to Tara and tried to reconcile their relationship.

You’ve gotta give the guy credit for having a lot of balls, don’t you?

And that’s not even a joke or a reference to the fact that Gunz has 10 kids overall by six different women.

Peter Gunz Selfie

Now, at long last, following unimaginable drama and three children with the rapper, it appears as if Tara is done with Gunz.

Based on the above quote, it sounds as if she’s trying to "distance" herself with "empathy" for Peter, which is pretty impressive, considering all the times and ways in which he has cheated on her.

And at least Wallace has the support of her social media followers as she tries to extricate herself from Gunz’s control.

"You are a beautifully spirited woman,” one user wrote in response to her post, adding as encouragement:

“I applaud you for pushing through when [people] are constantly judging you. You love hard and there’s nothing wrong with that."


NOTE: Follow this link to watch Love & Hip Hop online in case you think we’re exaggerating the epic levels of this love triangle.

We are not.

It really has been this bat $hit crazy.