Pauly D & Aubrey O'Day: Reality TV Show on The Way?

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Are Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day the next big reality TV couple?

The pair met on Famously Single last year and have been on and off nearly as much as Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna since. 

Now, we're hearing that they have a reality TV show in the works, and we can't help but think it would not go down well with viewers. 

Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day Reality TV Series

If you watched Famously Single, you probably already know that Aubrey was VERY demanding with Pauly.

Like, she knew she was hitting the smush room with him as soon as she laid eyes on him. 

She was vocal about it in confessionals and eventually, she got her wish.

Pauly D & Aubrey O'Day Posing On Instagram

Her demanding behavior was not met with the best reaction from Pauly, who questioned several times whether a relationship could really flourish for them. 

The potential reality series will center on Aubrey moving to Las Vegas to be with Pauly. 

Apparently, by the end of the first season there will be an engagement.

There's nothing quite like proving a reality TV show is fake than by constructing storylines before the show is even picked up. 

Aubrey O'Day Pauly D Holds Selfie Stick Kiss

Bunim/Murray Productions are working on the show.

That's the company that brought the likes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Rob & Chyna and Mariah's World to us. 

There's apparently more than one network interested in the project, so maybe the couple have at least some appeal. 

Aubrey O'Day and Pauly D Use A Lot of Filters

There's absolutely no way it will resemble Jersey Shore, so just let that hope die right now. 

It will be interesting to find out if the couple manage to stay together throughout the filming of the pilot. 

Also, is Aubrey moving back home if the show is not picked up? That would not surprise us. 

What do you think about this?

Sound off below!

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