Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 12 Recap: Arguing In Mexico

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Yandy Smith sent her feud with Kimbella Vanderhee into overdrive during a tense trip to Mexico for the cast members of VH1's hit reality series. 

When Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 12 got underway, Papoose was telling us just how upset he had been since Remy Ma wound up in hospital. 

His mother and daughter appeared to check in on him, but it became clear that he was facing an uphill battle to get back to the way he was. 

In Mexico, Kimbella felt the need to start an argument with Yandy about how Juelz felt about her. Basically, Kimbella said that Yandy's management sucked. 

Yandy was quick to point out that the business was between her and Julez, without any involvement from Kimbella. You could tell Kimbella was not pleased in the slightest, but what did she really expect to happen?

Later, Bianca, Cardi B and Hennessy hung out, but Bianca was annoyed when she realized that Cardi B brought Mariahlynn along for the fun and felt betrayed. 

Cardi B Spotted Looking Great

“I’m sorry I let myself be used by someone who was trying to get back at her boyfriend," Mariahlynn barked. 

The pair then made it clear that their feud was over by hugging it out. It was about time. 

Back in New York, Papoose returned from the studio to find Remy sitting on the couch. He sat next to her and got talking. 

“I never want you to think this is your fault. I love you no matter what and we are going to get through this together.”

Remy burst into floods of tears at his statement and had one of her own to return. 

Discussing Relationships on Love & Hip Hop

“I can’t help thinking that if only I had done it when you wanted me to then this wouldn’t have happened.”

However, Papoose wanted her to know that he will love her no matter what. 

“Even if we never have a child together I love you always."

How sweet is that?

Back in Mexico, Kimbella was still fuming that Yandy brought Bianca along to Mexico. This paved the way for both ladies to go to different clubs. 

However, Yandy was annoyed when she found out that Bianca was out partying the night away with the likes of Mariahlynn and Cardi B. 

She tells Bianca “I brought you here to work and not to turn up.”

Bianca tells Yandy “I respect you, but I know that you have a lot going on with Mendecees being locked away but I need to have a little fun too.”

The next day, Juju had organized a lunch for Yandy and Kimbella to try mend fences. 

“I had to walk out because you weren’t hearing me,” Yandy revealed. 

Yandy Smith Looking Good

Kim tells her “I’m happy that you are managing my man, but I need you to listen to me and really hear me.”

This did not sit well with Yandy, but Mariahlynn showed up and called Yandy out for going off on Bianca for having a night off. 

The ladies then decided to just put the past behind them and have a fun day. 

Later, Yandy decided to dig Juju about her book, which resulted in the feud restarting. 

Back in New York, Self spray painted Cisco's car to make it property of Gwinnin. 

“When you take from Gwinnin Gwinnin takes back,” revealed Self. 

Just when Cisco got ready to go crazy, the guys revealed that it was a practical joke and the paint would wipe off. They men mended fences. 

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