Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: Did Yandy Take The Moms Down?

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Yandy Smith has been struggling to keep the other baby mamas away on Love & Hip Hop.

She's been trashed by practically every other woman who was apparently part of Mendecees' secret life. 

When Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 11 got underway, Yandy was continuing her fight with Samantha and Erika, but it was clear that Samantha was taking liberties with her comments. 

“Nobody wants your man. We had him before you. We can’t trust you.”

When Yandy speaks about Little Mendecees' birthday party, Samantha was quick to point out that Yandy would be having nothing to do with it, but she changed her tune when she said that Mendecees would be paying for it. 

Judy said “I’m glad you guys are able to work out your differences because I just want to be part of all my grandchildren’s lives.”

Judy, that was hardly working anything out. They were all still bickering. Will this ever stop?

Meanwhile, Papoose and Remy went out for a romantic lunch, but it was clear Remy had some sort of trick up her sleeve. She kept quizzing Papoose about how much he loved her. 

She then gave him a box with a gift in it. That gift was a positive pregnancy test. You could tell Papoose was shocked, but he was ecstatic. 

Yandy then met up with Kimbella, who was worried about Julez asking her to sign a confidentiality agreement. Yandy quickly shut her down with one of the best conversation enders. 

“You have to respect that there are some things that I won’t be able to tell you when it comes to our business.” 

Kimbella was not impressed with Yandy, but what else did she expect?

If that was not enough drama, Peter, Self and Rich all met up and everyone congratulated Peter on the arrival of his new baby. Peter revealed that Amina took the kids and move to L.A. 

Because of that, his next plan of action was to get his relationship with Tara back on. Is he going back to her because Amina does not want him?

It sure seemed that way. 

When Peter met up with Tara, he made it clear that he wanted to try their relationship again, but Tara was against it.

“I’m tired of being the girl in the messed up relationship. There is no trust. You just had a baby!”

Discussing Relationships on Love & Hip Hop

“I love you. I know that I’ve hurt you, but I want my Goddess back,” Peter replied.

“For 11.95 you can have her,” Tara said. 

Okay then. 

Elsewhere, Cardi B was still cut up about the end of her relationship with Tommy. Swift showed up to check on her and revealed that he would be there for her whenever she needed him. 

Cardi then got a little too close for comfort. 

“I’ve missed having you on the tour to talk to and joke around with. By the way we are having a family dinner this weekend and you know my family loves you. Are you gonna come?”

After thinking about it, Swift agreed, but it was clear he felt forced into it. 

Love & Hip Hop Photo

Yandy met up with Jules to tell him that Kimbella wanted to be a part of his career. Jules was confused because he felt like she was already a part of his career. 

“You haven’t given me the product,” Yandy barked.

Jules tells her “I’ll give you the product when you tell me how those checks are going to be rolling in, and as for Kim don’t worry about her. I’ll talk to her.”

We closed off the episode with Remy having an eptopic pregnancy and being told she can never get pregnant again. It was a heartbreaking end to an episode. 

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