Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: Did Yandy Get Her Revenge?

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Yandy Smith was not about to let Erika and Samantha ruin her life, so she decided to prove that the other women were talking smack on Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 10.

We picked things up with Drewski meeting up with Julez and letting him know that Sky had moved in with him. If you watch Love & Hip Hop online, you'll probably be thinking that this is surprising because they always fight. 

An odd thing that Drewski did was set up a spy cam in the house. Now, that obviously means he does not quite trust Sky. Maybe that's because Drewski would entertain the thought of cheating on her. 

Somehow, Sky seems like the least likely person on this show to cheat, so there's really no logic in his plan. If anything, it's going to backfire and cost him his relationship. 

Elsewhere, Rich and Peter met up at a car show to talk about what went down with Cisco. After some back and forth, Peter told Rich that he knew what Cisco was going through.

Rich did not seem to care about what was going on with Cisco because he felt like there was a new drama every other day for him. 

Meanwhile, Erika and Samantha attended Aseem's birthday party. It did not take long for the ladies to trash Yandy. Erika was first up.

“I knew Yandy wouldn’t show up here. She preaches about it being all about the kids, but the kids aren’t here”

Samantha says “It’s not all about the kids. It’s all about Yandy trying to hide the fact that she is an unmarried baby momma just like us.”

Tensions Are Falring on Love & Hip Hop!

Judy showed up and the two women hounded her to find out why Yandy was not at the party. Judy revealed that Yandy did not get an invite. 

This prompted Erika to drop the bomb that Yandy was not married to Mendecees, but Judy did not give a damn about what the two women were saying. 

“I’m not going to dignify that comment. Whatever issues you two ladies have with Yandy you need to put them to the side.”

Sometime later, J and Snoop met up to discuss what went wrong at Snoop's label party. Snoop was first up, saying that being business partners was not a good idea for either of them. 

Snoop On Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 6

This prompted J to flip out, blaming Snoop for everything and she stormed off. Seriously, Snoop needs to ice this chick out before things get worse. 

Yandy met up with Judy, who let her know what went down at the party. Yandy was horrified to hear about the party because she received no invite. 

Yandy told Judy about the voice recordings she obtained from Koko and Judy said she wished the girls would just disappear. 

Samantha then got a phone call from Mendecees, who said that he was sleeping with her and Erike at the same time and she needed to get herself in line. 

Mendeecees Harris, Yandy Smith

She then turned the tables and told him to worry about the kids who need a father. 

Judy and Yandy showed up at Erika's shop to confront her about what she was doing with the recordings. Samantha appeared at the shop and Yandy lunged at her. 

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