Leah Messer: Is She Pursuing a Music Career?!

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Leah Messer has a lot on her plate these days.

She's a mother of three and a college student, she just moved into a new home, and she constantly fights to prove her parenting competency to both Teen Mom 2 viewers and her two baby daddies.

We've already seen Leah struggle with the demands of single parenthood this season, and she certainly isn't hurting for money, so fans of the show might find it surprising that she may have embarked on a new career.

Leah Messer in the Studio

Leah posted the above photo on social media this week, with a caption reading simply, "Studio time!"

Now, the most likely explanation is that she's recording voice-overs for the show.

(While the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise are often accused of doing a lot of griping despite not having "real jobs," there is some actual work that goes into starring on a reality show.)

But like the rest of the girls, Leah doesn't make a habit of sharing behind-the-scenes post-production pics, which may be why some fans speculated that Leah could be working on a different sort of project.

Leah Messer in the Car

Several commenters guessed that Leah could be working on a music career.

They were corrected by other fans, but not yet by Leah herself.

Interestingly, several media outlets have now run with the speculation (OK! magazine even ran a headline reading, "Teen Mom Leah Messer Pursuing Music Career") and still, Leah hasn't come forward to clarify that she's trying to make it as a singer.

So maybe there's actually something to these rumors?

We have our doubts, but anything's possible.

Leah Messer Promotional Image

Interestingly, Leah's not the only Teen Mom to become the subject of rock star rumors recently.

Last week, sources claimed that Matt Baier planned to quit the franchise in order to pursue his dream of making it in the music industry.

Baier eventually denied the rumors, and Leah probably will to.

Still, it's interesting that these reports keep surfacing.

Leah Messer Spray Tan Pic

Clearly, there's a segment of the population out there that's really clamoring for a Teen Mom musical act.

Someone will eventually cash in on this tiny niche market...

...and it will be Farrah Abraham.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how much Leah is already dealing with.

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