Leah Messer Breaks Down Over Parenting Criticism

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if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that the last couple of seasons have not been what you'd consider kind to Leah Messer.

We've seen Leah cope with drug addiction, the dissolution of her second marriage, and the loss of custody of her two oldest children.

Despite the many obstacles she's faced over the past two years, however, it's living under a microscope that may be taking a bigger toll.

Leah Messer With Niece

It seems that nothing has a greater psychological impact on the troubled underdog than the frequent online criticism of Leah's parenting.

Leah, who is juggling three young girls, often times by herself, is up against a lot, but still gives fans ample reason to question her methods.

Whether it's rushing her kids off to school without breakfast or engaging in shouting matches with grade-schoolers, it's always something.

Throughout her time on the show, she's resorted to the old refrain favored by beleaguered Teen Mom stars, blaming the show's editing.

Is that really an formidable excuse for what often comes across to fans of the MTV show as pure incompetency as a mother, though?

Leah Messer Calls Herself a Hot Mess

Editors and producers of reality shows are tasked with crafting a compelling narrative out of hundreds of hours of recorded footage.

That sometimes means that they're forced to use out of context scenes or snippets of dialogue in order to create an impression for the audience.

This is not limited to Teen Mom 2, and after so many years, one might think that Leah should be used to this technique by now.

She's been working with MTV on and off since she was 16 and pregnant, after all, but it seems she is still caught off guard by what airs.

Case in point? A scene on the show's eighth season premiere, when a harried Leah struggles to kids in the car to get them to a game on time ...

It's a scene most parents can relate to, and her explanation of the added stress caused by her past struggles makes it even more sympathetic.

She explained to the camera, referencing her ex:

“My relationship with Corey has grown, and we are getting along so well — the last thing I need is Corey being mad at me for being late."

“I was so worried about what they were going to say, what they were going to think … Like, I’ve heard I’m an incompetent mother for three years now."

"That hurts a little bit.”

Not surprisingly, fans took the opportunity to swing away at their favorite punching bag, and Leah is once again pointing the finger at the network.

Leah D. Messer

This time, however, it seems Leah not only feels that she was unfairly edited, she also believes that the mere presence of an MTV camera crew hurts.

According to Leah, this throws her off her parenting game: “I think because MTV was here ... and this never happens ... it made me feel that much worse."

“Because I was like, ‘Great.'"

"'This is what everybody already sees, this is what they’re gonna assume, this is what they’re going to assume, this is going to be twisted.'"

Does she have a point?

"I felt like my Saturday routine was f--ked up the one time that we’re filming, so everyone is going to think this is how my life is all the time."

Leah Messer ar Great Wolf Lodge

Messer immediately felt like if things weren't going well, that's what MTV would go with "like they do every other time, so that affects me."

"It does. A lot of stuff with the show does.”

We have to concede the point that Leah is still struggling to rebuild her life after years of tremendous difficulty, a lot of which isn't her fault.

Like all the other Teen Mom cast members, she insists that her kids are the top priority in her life, and works very hard on their behalf.

However, there is free will involved, too.

If she feels that the network is interfering with her ability to be the best mom, or her best self, it may be time for Leah to consider bailing.

Should she cut ties with MTV? Discuss.

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