Kim Kardashian: "Stuck" in Marriage to Kanye West?!

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By now you're probably heard (and possibly already dismissed) the rumors:

According to insiders, tabloid headlines, and Twitter eggs, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are headed for divorce.

The reports have been circulating for months, and normally, the fact that no legal action has been taken by either party would be taken as evidence that the breakup talk is without merit.

Kimye on a Date

However, these are special circumstances, and while they're not known for jealously guarding their privacy (quite the opposite, in fact), when the Kardashians want to keep something out of the press, they can do so quite effectively.

Sure, Kim has been divorced twice before, but this time is different:

For one thing, it's her third divorce, and the always image-conscious reality star is no doubt aware of the jokes that will be cracked on social media if she becomes half of three failed marriages at the age of 36.

Kim has implicitly characterized those first two marriages as misguided "starter" attempts, and her marriage to Kanye as the real deal.

For the most part, fans have been willing to buy that explanation.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the Red Carpet Picture

After all Kim was very young the first time she got hitched, and her second marriage lasted only 72 days.

She and Kanye have been married for nearly three years; they have two kids together; and Kim seems to very much like the "type-A wife and mom who's put her wild days behind her" narrative.

Add to that the fact that Kanye is an emotional time bomb, liable to spill all kinds of secrets in the event of a divorce, and it's not hard to see why Kim might feel that she's "stuck" in an unhealthy marriage.

Earlier this week, the Kardashians went on vacation to Costa Rica, but were not joined by West, a move that many took as an indication of trouble in paradise.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Share a Secret

Now, however, sources are claiming that Kim cut her trip short in order to rush home to Kanye.

"She would not stop talking about Kanye while they were away and she doesn't know what she wants to do she feels like she is stuck and is unhappy but she doesn't know how to make it better and fix the situation," an insider tells Radar Online.

Yes, it souns like Kim is simply tolerating her marriage at this point.

Normally, we'd say she'll eventually get fed up and leave, but when it comes to Kim, we don't think there's any limit to what she'll put put with for good publicity.

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