Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Attempt to Fix Friendship With Beyonce & Jay Z

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In recent weeks, there's been so much attention paid to the possibility Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce that it's easy to forget about the other major heartbreak in Kim's life.

You may have heard the hilarious rumor that Beyonce went off on Kim and instructed the reality star to never contact her again, thus bringing an end to Kim's endless campaign to become Bey's bestie.

The reports surfaced just days after Kanye attacked Jay Z in a bizarre onstage tirade, in which the erratic rapper slammed his mentor (and Beyonce's husband) as a disloyal friend.

Racy Kimye

Granted, the rant took place just days before Kanye was hospitalized for emotional issues, but Bey and Jay seem to have a low tolerance for public trash talk.

Sure, they can throw shade at one another (See: pretty much every lyric in Lemonade), but they're not about to put up with any crap from the likes of Kimye.

Surprisingly, however, it seems the Carters are actually open to the idea of giving Kim and Kanye another chance to prove themselves.

Several media outlets are reporting that the Wests were recently spotted paying a visit to Jay and Bey's SoCal home.

Beyonce and Jay Z dressed up

“Kanye’s in a great place and Jay is a very mature and forgiving person,” a source tells People magazine.

“The relationship he and Kanye have is very strong.”

Given the circumstances, it's not hard to see why Jay may have been willing to overlook Kayne's latest faux pas, but it couldn't have been easy.

It's not every day that a former friend takes the stage in front to of tens of thousands of people and tells them that he's afraid you're gonna put a hit out on him.

Beyoncé And Jay Z At Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Clippers

Yes that really happened:

Jay Z, I know you got killers," Kanye ranted in a video clip that wound up going viral.

"Please don’t send them at my head.”

As for the Beyonce-Kim situation, Bey was reportedly (and understandably) pissed that Kanye brought her daughter into it by complaining that the Carter kids aren't allowed to play with the West kids.

Again, we're guessing Bey was willing to overlook this indiscretion only because of the extenuating circumstances surrounding Kanye's tantrum.

That said, we're sure the Kardashian-Wests remain on very thin ice with their A-list besties.

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