Kailyn Lowry: Is She Quitting Teen Mom 2?!

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Those poor girls on Teen Mom ... can you even imagine how difficult their lives have become, day in and day out?

Getting paid a ridiculous amount of money just to let people film your life sometimes sounds just unbearable.

The Teen Mom 2 Cast Reunion Pic!

Sure, those lucky girls are cementing quite the financially secure future for themselves and for their children.

And yeah, there are countless other girls who found themselves in similar circumstances who would be envious.

Among those who get pregnant at 16 with family or relationship drama, who wouldn't kill to be in their (likely very expensive!) shoes?

But still, what a tough lot in life.

So tough that most, if not all, of the moms have, at one point or another, threatened to quit making hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing next to nothing.


Kailyn Lowry in Black and White

Because MTV editors dare to do their jobs and edit the footage into something interesting to watch and keep the show on the air.

Crazy, right?

Days ago, we reported rumors of Jenelle Evans quitting the show. Today, Kailyn Lowry is the Teen Mom 2 star with the cross to bear.

Poor ol' Kail is so upset over the way MTV is treating her that she's reportedly refusing to be filmed until she's able to have her reality show star needs met.

Apparently what happened is this:

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, there was in instance last week in which Javi tried to call Kailyn, but she didn't answer the phone.

Kailyn Lowry Looking at Her Phone Photo

Ostensibly, this was because the mother of two didn't want to discuss any of her relationship issues with Javi on camera.

But then those pesky editors did some of their magic and the show cut to a scene of Javi talking about the divorce to one of his friends.

The issue, as explained by a source who spoke with Radar, was that "Kail feels they dropped the ball on editing."

"The part of her saying she didn't want to talk to Javi was actually from the previous episode when her dog threw up."

"It was a completely different shoot."

Also, "Her and Javi at that point already knew they were done and getting a divorce, but did not want to film about it."

Kail Lowry Pic

They knew that filming all the messy details would make things "real," and they "weren't prepared for the backlash they knew they'd receive."

The 24-year-old Kailyn is allegedly feeling "very hurt and betrayed and is currently on a film strike" because of these issues.

But while all that information comes from a source, Kailyn spoke out about the issue herself, too - and she didn't hold back.

Over on Twitter, a fan asked her how she could trust the producers when they're stirring up drama, and she answered "Welllll, now I don't."

She even offered up an official statement on the matter, rather than her usual passive-aggressive digs, so you know things are serious.

She didn't confirm or deny the rumor that she's on a filming strike, but she did say "I want to see how they edited the rest of the season."

Kailyn and Javi Working Out

She added that "They're definitely not showing everything that's gone on in situations that are playing out, and it's frustrating to watch back."

"[Teen Mom 2] viewers aren't getting the complete story."

And while we see her point, and acknowledge that this whole situation is obviously hard for Kailyn, she seems to be forgetting one key thing:

Viewers don't necessarily care about the complete story surrounding the duo; Teen Mom 2 is entertainment, and they care about the drama.

If she feels that strongly about how she's perceived, she can fill in the rest of the story on Twitter, which we know she's up for anyway.

It's really not a big deal. Just do your job, ladies.

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