Kailyn Lowry Complains About New Relationship: He's Stringing Me Along!

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It's been seven months since we first learned that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are getting divorced, and by the standards of a reality show split, the whole thing has been relatively drama-free.

Sure, Kailyn seemed less than thrilled when Javi started dating someone new, but that's to be expected.

And now it looks as though despite her initial difficulties with letting go, Kailyn is moving on herself.

Kailyn on Teen Mom 2

Unfortunately, as Javi learned when he broke up with Cassie Bucka, rebound relationships can be tough.

If her latest tweets are any indication, it seems Kailyn is having a tough time with her new relationship.

“Can someone tell me why people will do relationship things with someone but claim they don’t want a relationship?” Kailyn tweeted yesterday.

When a fan replied, “Everyone wants the perks of a relationship, but no one wants the commitment," Kailyn answered:

Kailyn Lowry Wearing All Black Photo

“Right cause they wanna do dirty sh*t on the low lol."

Another fan offered this explanation:

“BC he’s waiting for something better to come along. You’re the side girl before there was even a main girl.”

Kailyn replied:

“I feel like that’s saying ‘I like you enough to act like your gf/bf until someone who might be better comes along.'"

Kailyn Cries

Yeesh. Sounds to us like Kailyn might be taking this one a bit too personally.

We're not sure what she means by "relationship stuff" or "benefits," but it sounds like a pretty standard situation where one person is looking for a booty call situation and the other is holding out for a situation.

The booty call party very rarely has his or her mind changed, so if the relationship person isn't cool with that. they should probably just move on.

And by that we mean, move on from the relationship, not from anything else.

You see there's been talk lately of Kailyn quitting Teen Mom 2, and we'd like to once again discourage her from considering that option.

We understand that right now fans are a bit too focused on your divorce, girl, but that'll pass.

Plus, having to get a real job after becoming rich and famous in your teens would totally suck ass.

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