Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Introduce 20th Child!

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As previously reported, the Duggar family recently welcomed their 20th child into their home under the most unlikely of circumstances.

Now, Jim Bob and Michelle have introduced him on social media!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: NOT Divorced!

For those who may have missed it last fall, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were awarded guardianship of an eight-year-old boy named Tyler.

Yes, JBD and his wife, who produced 19 children biologically (or 20 if you count stillborn Jubilee) acquired this one a little bit differently.

Michelle has a 23-year-old niece, Rachel Hutchins, who has fallen on very hard times - unemployed, she's homeless, and on probation.

Sad as that is, Rachel's son Tyler, was paying the price, and her mom (Michelle's sister), who had been taking care of him, had a stroke.

With T's mom and grandma both unable to continue looking after him, Michelle Duggar nobly stepped in and took charge of the situation.

Jim Bob were granted custody of their great-nephew, seen here:

Tyler (Duggar Family)

Despite having formally added Tyler to the family, the Duggars have only mentioned the boy occasionally, until posting the photo above.

The picture revealed that Tyler was about to “finish off” the jug. 

Of milk. That's about as hardcore as beverages get for Duggar family members of any age, but hey, it does a body good and all that.

Anyway, the post left fans asking questions about Tyler, but the family didn't reply. Curiously, they asked for more privacy instead.

The Duggar Family Blog, which is not run by, yet in close contact with the family, said that they sought privacy for the child at this time.

“At this time, the Duggars are choosing not to reveal the details of the situation that resulted in them receiving guardianship of Tyler."

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar

"We encourage fans to respect the [Duggar family's] wishes, especially since there is a minor involved," the site continued.

That may change, and when and if "the family decides to share more information with the public, we will post it to our blog.”

For now, though, we're left with more questions than answers.

Since the guardianship was granted by a judge, Tyler has been seen in numerous family photos, usually with little fanfare.

He was seen participating in homeschooling with the other Duggars, to getting a pocket knife to match Josh's son Michael's.

A family insider recently said that the guardianship is going well and that the family has high hopes of adopting him for good.


That would be quite a storyline for Counting on Season 3, no?

As it is, the Duggars are gearing up for a new season that features Jessa Duggar’s second pregnancy and Joy-Anna Duggar’s courtship.

Moreover, we expect to see plenty of Jinger’s marriage to Jeremy Vuolo, and likely the announcement of Jill Duggar's second pregnancy.

The adoption story, though, would be the most surprising, and arguably the most heartwarming thing to happen in Tonititown in years.

If not ever. Think about it for a second, Duggar Nation:

Mating and procreating will always be the family's meal ticket, but going above and beyond like this is both unexpected and beautiful.

A little universally positive PR never hurt ... just saying.

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