Emily Ratajkowski: Nude For 2017 & Instagram Milestone!

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Emily Ratajkowski knows how to start 2017 off right.

The insanely beautiful model celebrated the start of a new year - and surpassing 10 million Instagram followers - the best way possible.

This. To which we say simply ... yes. All the yes.

Emily Ratajkowski Nude Pic

Not unlike a Kylie Jenner bathroom selfie or a Lea Michele nude pose, there are some things that we all need right now after 2016.

EmRat, for her part, has her finger on the puluse.

Be it for a provocative music video, a feminist statement, a racy holidays card, or an Instagram milestone, she is down to get naked.

And for that, we thank her. In this case, Emily showed off her stunning physique after reaching an impressive 10 million fans on Instagram.

Soon to be 20 million and climbing, at this rate.

The 25-year-old sits waist deep in a tub of water, wearing glasses and with her knees positioned just so, in a playful selfie for her fans.

Emily Ratajkowski Christmas Card

As for those unexpected spectacles?

"Dork in the tub. smiling because there are 10 million of you all! Thank you thank you," she said, but she wasn't done there. Oh no.

Over Christmas, she shared some collages she had made in which she posted naked photos of herself and sent them out to people.

Best. Christmas. Card. Idea. Ever.

In one snap, once again uploaded to Instagram, she appears fully nude with two well-placed hands in the picture. Very artistic indeed.

Emily confirmed that these weren't mass produced - she only made a handful, and only sent them to select friends and family members.

Emily Ratajkowski From the Back

"The cards are far more than just a holiday greeting ... they’re a gift in and of themselves," she said, in the understatement of all time.

"With everything going on in the world this year, my material gifts seemed to stop short at feeling special and full of love."

"So," she says, "I decided to do the collages."

Again. Early 2017 MVP candidate right here.

Because she's a model and all, she also flaunted her impeccable bikini body in a sexy black two-piece set during a recent beach visit.

EmRat is really compiling quite the impressive body of work since rising to fame in Robin Thicke's 2013 "Blurred Lines" music video:

Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Body

Honestly. What else is there to say?!

After the year she's had, she deserves to treat herself to a celebratory bath and document it for her fans' social media viewing pleasure.

She was sure to thank the legions of fans that hang onto her every last bikini pic, but truly, we are the ones who should be so thankful.

From killing it on the red carpet to using her celebrity to become an outspoken, body-positive icon, there's a lot to love about Ratajkowski.

Like photos. ALL THE PHOTOS.

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