Duggar Family: SLAMMED For Posting About Evils of Money

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The Duggar family is very, very wealthy.

They're not "Trump rich," but they're much closer to "Kardashian rich" than most of their fans realize.

In addition to their reality TV empire, the Duggars have launched a wide array of business ventures that serve to both bring in extra income and keep their sons-in-law marginally employed.

Duggar Family Photo: A Classic!

Despite all of that, it seems the Duggars are still firm believers that all money is sinful - even the rare bills that have never been used as a cocaine straw or found their way into s stripper's g-string.

The Duggars have never been shy about expressing their religious beliefs on social media, even when those views are sure to attract controversy.

(We imagine Jessa wasn't exactly shocked when folks took issue with her idiotically comparing abortion to the Holocaust.)

This time, however, the arguments are not against the message, but with the people who shared it:

Duggars on Money

The Duggars posted the above image to their official Facebook page yesterday, and some fans are accusing the well-heeled clan of hypocrisy:

“And that is exactly why they were exposed for the fakes they are. Their love for fame and fortune,” wrote one follower.

“If ratings start dipping, marriages are rushed and courtships develop and progress rapidly. It’s all about the ratings, which translates to ‘it’s all about the money,'" commented another.

Others rushed to the Dugs' defense 

“That’s right – it’s not money (which just a tool) but the love of money. Great reminder,” wrote one fan.

Duggar Family Reunion Pic

Fans have long been confused by the Duggars views on money, and it seems this meme didn't help to clarify matters much.

They're obviously ambitious when it comes to stacking funds, and one of their stranger beliefs is that getting debt is a sin.

But clearly they're not all in with capitalism, as they're quick to quote the Bible on the topic of the evils of currency.

We guess their views on greed are just another item on the long, long list of things we don't really understand about the Duggars.

Watch Counting On online to help make these folks richer, and thus, more conflicted.

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